EVERYDAY "Hard out here for a pimp"


Not much is given on a day to day basis to be you when their paying a price to cast you out like, Tom Hanks.

A Lot Of Brick Walls

When coursing on the road to success your gonna hit a lot of brick walls, and that's gods plan by design. It's up to you to reconstruct that wall with the tools you were given.


"Life requires that overtime

More than just a 9-5

aint no way around it

leas your future looking otherwise

channel keys

without a do

my enemies

ain't got no soul

glad to get that off my chest

old soul in young flesh

aura stays the same

til the death

too many thoughts in me I guess

fucking like a rabbit

became a habbit

just to run from stress

chain smoking cigarettes

back to back

no seasion skipped

what will be the lesson here

write progress

without a fear

while i'm in the field

neva yield

you can say I'm healed

classifies as therapy

my music is the sweetest feel

might need a cavity

your opinion zero gravity

fly away into nothing

no matter bout

why they mad at me

it's actually

really actually

intertwined with some blasphemy


being averaging

saddening when you adding in


with imagining

places better for practicing


I know the world is heartless

Don't tear you apart kid

is what I was told

stand for something

and die bold

or stand for nothing

and die old

or get capoed by 5-0


they want us out here

with no voice

A world dies in silence

so a shhh is better than no noise

and I know this

and i'm trying my best to focus

gotta Keep my head on swivel

and stay away from thte bogus

you know this

I write pain

I feel pain

Express life

I feel life

and give you a dose of me


I feel like


There's Always A Point In The Darkness

If you can see the forest for the trees then there's a good possibility you know too much. How much is too much though?

Stay Focused Lil'Homie

Stay focused even the Red light is on you like Roxane in a district full of non-Believers. I was convinced I was sidetracked and sidelined, which in the moment of time it seemed. But coming to the rescue was a angel with baggage and a purple jacket and librarian glasses.

Love Like This

Spoil me witcha love

wit ya love

I'll keep ya away from duds

if you keep me away from clubs

I rather be in your presence

drinking champagne

blowing suds

all off ya body

while we playing in the tub

the naked truth

my god the naked truth

lost in ya pink pool

might cause a sweet tooth

hot enough to twist metal

bring steam to my kettle

and POOF!

I'd like to thank God for the




Love like this

Simple Man

Lord forgive me i'm a simple man. Lust for simplicity and openness of speaking consciousness into existence of this Turn Up Era. Dreams if excelling my successors, but how and when?


Myhand is for sure to the sky with God.

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