Entrepreneurship During COVID-19 Support TFIx Entrepreneurs provide basic essentials to their local communities.

Kat Katha

New Delhi

GB Road, the largest red-light area in Delhi, is a road with over 2000 women and children living across 78 brothels. Sex workers (Didis) on GB Road are victims of sex trafficking, abuse, and violence. Women of GB Road who support themselves and their families through daily earnings found themselves without any money after the lockdown. Their lives have come to a grinding halt, even basic necessities like food and medicines are not available at hand.

With your support they were able to distribute 700 Ration Kits, 550+ Hygiene Kits, and 20+ infant kits to more than 700 families on GB Road for 1-2 months sustenance amidst the pandemic restrictions.

After a successful COVID-19 Karuna Relief Drive, Kat-Katha plans to raise a COVID-19 Resilience Fund which will provide alternate livelihood opportunities and essential supplies like food and medical aid to more than 1000 families on GB Road for next 12-18 months.

Kshamtalaya Foundation

Kotra, Rajasthan

Kshamtalaya Foundation works in two tribal blocks of Rajasthan in the district of Udaipur and New Delhi. One block which is most marginalized and seem to be most affected is Kotra. The reason being most of the population are migrant workers and due to COVID-19 had to leave their work and come back.

Kotra: Nestled amidst the Aravallis and the tributaries of the Sabarmati, it is a place home to the Adivasi tribe. Most families are surviving here either through farming or are migrant labourers. They migrate to either to Gujarat or Abu road in search of work. All of them have to return to Kotra due to COVID-19 lockdown

Through your support they have reached 700 families reaching close to 3500 people. They will continue to need your support as the lockdown continues. They are also planning to do a massive health awareness campaign as there is so little information in the areas they work.

As a result of this there is lot of anxiety and fear. This keeps them away from consulting doctors or going to Primary health centres for regular checkups . Through the massive health awareness they would like to support them in reaching PHC for their check up.

Watch the Video below to know more about their approach.

Vardhishnu – Social Research & Development Society

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Vardhishnu is working with out-of-school children specially child waste pickers and child labours to enrich their educational status. It is running community learning centers 'Anandghar' since last around 4 years. Through this endeavour they have successfully enrolled more than 100 out-of-school children into the schools.

For the past few week they have been working relentlessly to make sure their communities have basic essentials to survive the nation-wide lockdown.

Total Kits Distributed Till Date: 1500+

Collaboration with Bharari Foundation is giving an helping hands to the families of daily wagers, waste pickers, single mothers, old people.

They need your support now more than ever. You can sponsor the kits. Each Kit costs Rs 400/- . They are targeting to support 500 under-resourced families. Please send your contribution on below mention account:

A/C Name: Vardhishnu – Social Research & Development Society, Jalgaon

Bank Name: The SVC Co-Op Bank Ltd.

Saving Account A/C No: 116503130001807

IFS Code: SVCB0000165

Or GooglePay on 9890336070.

CHINAR International


In the wake of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus across the globe, they have launched a COVID-19 Relief Program in Kashmir.

This program has 3 key focus areas:

AWARENESS: information among the local masses about the disease, its symptoms. and precautionary measures through social media, posters, flyers, etc.

PREVENTION: Prevent the spread of the virus through the distribution of masks, hand sanitizers, personal protective equipment (PPE’s) and other forms of equipment.

RELIEF: Provide Emergency Relief in the form of food kits and protective gear to low-income families.

Click on the video below to know more about the efforts on the ground.

Vande Mataram Group

Mumbai, Maharashtra

We are educators working in the community of Malwani. As lockdown is in effect, families of our students whose parents are daily-wage workers are finding it extremely difficult to put food on the table.

To provide them with some relief, we are collaborating with "Vande Mataram Group", a collective of 8 schools that operate in Malwani.

We aim to provide ration of worth Rs 1250 to 5000 families living in the area of Ambujwaadi, Kaccha Road and nearby clusters. Already contributions were made by few generous souls which helped us reach out 200 families till date.

We reach out for your token of help to make this distribution as soon as possible.

Vidya Poshak

North Karnataka

We are a 20 year old Civil Society Organization mainly working with rural economically challenged students & their families in North Karnataka. We are directly supporting more than 8000 rural students for their Education & Training in 10 Districts in North Karnataka.

Out of our Supported students around 1000+ students are raised by Single Parent, Widows & Single Women. These women take care of the family needs by doing daily wage work as farm labourers or working as maid or working in a small industry or selling vegetables etc . These families reside in rural parts of the 8 districts in rural North Karnataka.

Cost of relief kit for a family of 4 or 5 members will be 3000 which works out to INR 100 per day.


PAN India

Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent and youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Their volunteers educate and mentor children from orphanages, slum and village community centres across the country to give them a better future, which will benefit them as well as our country.

In this time of crisis they have stepped up to support low income families meet their basic living expenses of food, water, electricity, rent and so on.

Think of street vendors you usually buy from or those who service you – flower seller, ironing push cart Anna (Akka)/ Bhaiyya (Didi), the newspaper vendor and so on. You would have used their goods or services at least once a week? Instead of buying goods/ service just help them survive through this crisis!

You can support these families by providing financial assistance till the CoVid-19 virus crisis passes.

Be the champion and stand by at least one family - ₹ 5,000 helps 1 family in a Tier-2 city and ₹ 7,000 helps 1 family in a Tier-1 city.

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

New Delhi

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is a social enterprise working in Education and Skill Training sector since 2009. None of us have been prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit us all. Most of us are privileged enough to spend time with our families, sleep well on a comfortable bed with all the essentials at the reach of a hand, satisfy our bellies with sumptuous food, and kill time by watching our favourite shows

We at Lakshya have created a target to reach 5,000 people who are in immediate need of food and daily essential items and are unable to feed their families. Most of the parents of our students are daily wagers and this is the most challenging time for them. They were least prepared for the lockdown with no savings or backup support. Families like these are now hopeless and are struggling every day for basic food and other daily essentials. To date, we have served 4200 cooked meals to homeless and needy people and also providing families of daily wage workers and labourers complete grocery kits to support them for a few days.

One kit per family cost approx. Rs. 1200/- Kindly support at least 5 families or donate a minimum 1200/-


Rural Orissa

Agragamee has been engaged in people-centred, culturally sensitive and ecologically balanced sustainable development of remote tribal communities in Orissa for over two decades. Currently, they work directly in 8 districts of Orissa and indirectly through a consortium of 9 partner NGOs called Sanjojana.

A Net of Panic and Fear In the interior rural and tribal regions. A sense of helplessness affects the community, as there is no work, and they cannot even sell their harvest produce. The trading women are even more hard put, as they cannot go to the villages and carry on their barter business.

Agragamee has covered 250 villages each in the most underdeveloped tribal blocks of Odisha. Its efforts have helped people overcome the panic and fear created by unconfirmed rumours and exaggerated stories, and take clear cut measures and responsibilities to fight the blight. The work however is not over, more village need to be reached urgently

Manthan Sanstha

Ajmer, Rajasthan

Manthan is situated in the remote village of Kotri, in the northern part of Ajmer District. They work on issues related to water conservation, health access, education facilities, energy and provision of basic amenities through the Back to Basic Programme.The main philosophy of the organisation is to bring about equality and equity through a rights based and needs based approach.

The Bagariyas and Kalbeliyas of Rajasthan are among the poorest and least literate tribes in India. People from these communities, and other poor families graze cattle and work as daily wage labourers in salt plant & marble industries to earn their livelihood. The current pandemic has wiped out all means of living for these communities and pushed them into unimaginable poverty.

With their quick action and generous support, they were able to provide dry ration (flour, pulses, rice, oil) to 80 families belonging to these tribal families for 15 days.

You can help them reach these unreachable communities by contributing as much as you can. Click on the link below for more details.

Bank Details:

Account Name:Manthan Sanstha, Kotri

Account No: 40430100000553


These are testing times for each one of our Entrepreneurs and their resilience and commitment to stand by their communities makes us proud. Each organisation here works towards providing relevant education to the most marginalised communities but in this time of crisis they are determined to meet their basic necessities.
Your contribution is absolutely crucial at this time to help us reach as many families as possible.

Thank You!