Earthquakes SavannaH and Jakub

Earthquakes can cause roads to split. Also, cause buildings to collapse. Scientist use a cool tool to rate how strong the earthquake was. Earthquakes can damage to the earth.

There are three kinds of earthquakes. Magma moves the earths plates around. 1. If the plates are moving past each other the edges of the plates grind together.2. If the plates move apart there is a gap were magma splits out. 3. The plates can also move on top of each other. The plates move very slowly. But sometimes large pieces of the plates get caught. The plates keep trying to move!

Different types of earthquakes.

Look at this house!This is earthquake damage. .This earthquake was probably number nine on the Richter scale.

In a small earthquake the ground shakes a little. Trees might sway a little. In a large earthquake, houses can crumble!

tsunamis are caused by earthquakes or volcanoes under the ocean floor.

Scientists wrote this scale. This shows the rate of an earthquake!Number nine is the most powerful earthquake of all!

This is an video of earthquake safety. Watch it to stay safe in a tornado!


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