Guadalupe Mountains National Park By: KADENCE GRAY

It is located in Salt Flat, TX.

History :The Butter-field Overland Mail traveled over Guadalupe Pass located at 5,534 ft above sea level Felix McKittrick was one of the first European settlers in the Guadalupe Mountains; he worked cattle during the 1870s. McKittrick Canyon is thought to be named after him.

Things to do while visiting the park: You can go on the Devils Hall trail, you can go to Dog Canyon,you can go to the Mckittrick canyon.

Guadalupe Mountains rise sharply from the surrounding desert floor to form an island of Almost all of the lizards found in the park can be seen during the day.There are Mule deer,kit fox,coyote,bobcat,badger,black tailed jack-rabbits and many more

A way to protect the park is Rapid cooling.

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