Sport Report

1. What type of text is it? What is its title? Website address?

1.Text type: Sport report

2.Tittle: Marc-André Ter Stegen: 'Lionel Messi is the greatest ever,' says Barcelona keeper

3.Website address:

2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience?(age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.)

1.Primary target: the sports report is mainly aimed at those fans who love Messi and football.

2.Secondary target: students like me have to read this sports report to finish their homework.

3. What are the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

1.Primary purpose: this sports report is mainly to show the audience of Barcelona team's goalkeeper to the affirmation of Messi. and its contribution to the football cause of Messi.

2.Secondary purposes: the secondary purpose of the sports report is to show the audience's sporting talent and excellent soccer skills for the people.

4. What are contextual aspects of the text important?(year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

Year. The time requirements for sports coverage are high, such as the time in the opening of this article. Mainly to express the timeliness of sports reports.

Social factors. Social factors are more important to sports reporting. Because sports reports will take into account the audience's loved and those who can win the eyeball. For example, this report will choose Lionel Messi mainly because of the superb skill and many fans.

5. What important language/linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?-register(colloquial, formal, semi-formal, slang), taboo language, emotive language, vague language, jargon, figurative diction, descriptive diction, direct comments, specific details and examples, humour, euphemisms, bias sensationalism, satire, irony,choice of lexis/diction, discourse markers,propaganda, rhetoric etc.

Sports reports are a public news. So the formal language is needed for the sports report on Messi.

Descriptive diction is important. The article is a tribute to Macy's and football. So in this article, we will not have to the Messi skill how exquisite description. So there are plenty of descriptive languages in the article.

6. Is phonology important?(the sound of language, think onomatopoeia)

No. Phonology is unimportant for this sports report. In this sports report, we see a few more concise language and vocabulary, the authors can emphasize the role of phonology. At the same time, we can imagine that phonology did not help us understand the German goalkeeper's praise for Messi.

7. Is syntax important? (sentence length, sentence construction, punctuation)

Important. Syntax is important for the entire sports report. This article about Macy's Sports report syntax is simple, the sentence is clear and easy to understand, mainly to facilitate people's reading and understanding. At the same time, simple syntax does not cause misunderstanding of the content.

8. Is grammar important? (verb tenses, use of pronouns, the structure of the sentences)

Grammar is important for this sports report. Because this sports report syntax structure is simpler. Mainly to facilitate people to read and understand. Grammar is important for this sports report. There is no grammatical error in the text to be photography.

9. What about pragmatics? (the underlying meaning, the author’s agenda)

Pragmatics is important for this sports report. Because this is about Macy's Sports report, its readers are from Macy fans around the world. If a pragmatic error occurs, the fans are misunderstood. The misunderstanding of the language also reduces CNN's listening audience.

10. Is typography important? Why?(a text’s layout, presentation, use of paragraphs, lists, ‘bullets’, font choices, underlining, italics, white space, color etc.)

Typography is important for Messi this sports reward. The article is divided into four parts altogether. The first is a preface to the Macy's report, summarizing Messi's athletic abilities and superb skills. The second part of the article is to express that Messi is one of the greatest footballers. The third part is the introduction of Macy's most exciting word inversion. Finally, it tells the Fluctuating fortunes

11. Visual images, charts, and graphics?

From this sports report, visual images, charts, and graphics are unimportant. Because we have no information from the full text to the visual images, charts, and graphics. But I think the charts are important for sporting events that broadcast the tournament because they need to use a lot of charts to analyze the process and strength of sporting events.

12. Other striking features? Tone? Style? Theme? Etc.

Style is important for this article about Macy's Sports report. Because most of the Messi fans will agree with this compliment. And in the article we can also find that about Macy's Sports report style is more approachable.

The tone is unimportant to the sports report. From the content of this article, we have no question that the author can emphasize the tone.

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