This is USI's Story A year of managing the COVID Pandemic

March 2020

We closed campus and began to grapple with the impact of a global pandemic.

All classes were moved online and we prepared for a new reality.

We moved off campus to work and study remotely.

April 2020

Authorized workers continued to keep our campus safe and functioning.

We became home for our international students who could not return to their countries due to travel restrictions.

May 2020

We started planning for a safe return to campus.

June 2020

We imagined and made happen new ways to share our campus.

july 2020

We started moving some of our faculty and staff back to campus part time and with new safety measures in place.

Campus tours were restarted with masks and social distancing.

August 2020

We started moving our Screaming Eagles back to campus.

And welcomed our students with a physically-distanced Welcome Week.

Our new reality was a mix of in-person, hybrid and online classes.

September 2020

We pushed ourselves forward, making the best of a new normal.

October 2020

We studied, taught, and worked supporting one another along the way.

Novemeber 2020

We studied for finals, returned home after the Thanksgiving break and saw our athletes begin to compete again.

December 2020

We celebrated a subdued holiday and enjoyed a much-needed Winter Recess.

January 2021

We began with a virtual start to the Spring Semester and all our sports returned to practice and competition.

February 2021

We continued to work and learn and slowly returned to campus and a mix of virtual and in-person class and work. We celebrated Homecoming and saw some of the first signs of small in-person events.

March 2021

We've come full circle a year after COVID began, and we continue to thrive at USI!

Moving forward toward our destinations and goals, and remembering to enjoy life along the way.

2021 is a year of hope! —We announced reduced, in-person Commencement and an in-person return for Fall Semester. We are seeing the slow, but steady roll out of the COVID vaccine, and are looking toward a return to some sense of normalcy.

Our grit, perseverance and tenacity have guided us through this pandemic. And we know it's not a matter of if we succeed, but HOW we succeed.


Elizabeth Randolph Barb Goodwin