Ancient Rome By: Brandon Johnson


Ancient Rome is in Europe...


The climate in Rome in the summer is hot and dry and about 95 degrees. In the winter it is about 55 degrees.

In Rome their features are the famous are the Colosseum and the...

Tiber River that was 252 miles long and it was the 2nd longest in Italy.


Rome started in 753 BCE and ended in 27 BCE. Rome ended when Barbarians from France attacked them over and over.

The Roman enemies were Hannibal from Africa, the Greeks, France, the Persians, and Egypt. Hannibal attacked with elephants and lost three battles but when Rome attacked his home town he was forced to go back to defend it. The Persians were sworn enemies. Egypt also tried to take over Rome. France is were the barbarians came from mostly.
The Romans invented arches, sewers, sanitation, roads, aqueducts that transported water, Roman numerals, the Julian calendar, news paper and concrete.
Ancient Rome destroyed everything until they got destroyed themselves.


Ancient Rome had about fifty to ninety million people.
Rome’s language was Latin, Greek, and Egyptian.

The women taught their children until the boys got old enough and went to learn with their father’s job. The girls always stayed to learn with their mothers. Girls also learned to craft and do chores.


Poor Romans had porridge, bread, soup, and pork which was the cheapest meat.

Wealthy Romans got foods from everywhere.

The traditions were plays and giving sacrifices to gods.
Rome’s religions were Christianity, Judaism, and Roman gods and goddesses.
The men wore linen tunics that were knee length. Women wore ankle length tunics.
The art of Ancient Rome was Mosaics, Bronze casting, vase art, coin art, fine jewelry, and landscape painting.


The leaders of Rome are Cincinnatus, Julius Caesar, and Constantine.
The types of government were Senate, Consoles, Assemblies, and Dictators.
There were Patricians who were landowners that descended from the earliest settlers. There was also Plebeians who were soldiers, farmers, crafters, and merchants.
Here are some Roman Laws.
  1. Free People have equal rights.
  2. People were innocent until proven guilty.
  3. A father has control of his children.
  4. If there is a thief in the night and he is caught he gets killed. But if there is a thief in the day there is a trial but if he has a weapon he's dead.
  5. You don’t own something until you fully pay the seller.
  6. No one dies until after a trial unless you're a thief at night time.


The types of jobs were soldiers, farmers, crafters, merchants, senate, consuls, and builders.
In the money compartment there was Gold aurei. Silver denarii, and Brass sestertii.

The Romans traded with the Asians, the Africans, the Indians, and the Chinese. The Asians and the Africans gave us spices, and the Indians gave us food. The Chinese gave us silks.


The games they played were Tic-Tac-Toe, stick and a hoop, they flew kites, Blind man's Bluff, and shadow tag.
The girls mostly went to the bath to gossip. The men usually trained with the army or doing their jobs. The woman also usually taught the children.


The unique effects on today were the inventions they made.
Israelis have found an ancient road, they now think Rome was actually bigger than they thought, Israeli divers found a roman ship, and London found writing tablets.

Cool Facts

The Greeks attacked Troy with a giant wooden horse and destroyed Troy. There were two survivors, they fought one killed the other and he founded Rome. They were brothers.

It took two years for Rome to invade Masada when the Romans had 15,000 soldiers and the Jewish people had only 1,000 soldiers.


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