Art on Shoes, Just for Kicks!

Kicksterity is the creation of custom hand painted sneakers with inspiration from different art types and eras. With each pair of shoes, A collector card will be added to validate the shoes as well as give a bit of information about the art style that was used.

"The perfect opportunity for me to mix my 2 favorite things, Art and Sneakers."

The Gallery

The Process

The first step I take is removing the laces of the shoe and then taping over anything that I don't want to paint.

The next step is taking the finish off of the shoes. I uses Angelus brand deglaze, but you can also use nail polish remover. (takes the shine and protectant coat off of the shoe)

After the finish is removed I draw on my canvas just to give myself a reference while I paint.

After the sketch its time to paint, I use Angelus Acrylic Leather paint.

What Comes with the Shoes?

The Bag

The shoes will come in a bag that is environmentally friendly and reusable.

Collector Card

The card will be an authenticity seal for the shoes, on the front will be a picture of your shoes and on the back will be a tip of the cap to the artist/style that it is referencing.

How do you get them?

The Kicksterity App will be available on Androids as well as iPhones, You can shop from pre made shoes or go to the creation center and customize shoes to your liking. If you don't want to shop you can look around on the website and see the different sneakers and art styles that were made, as well as being made.

Advertising & Marketing

Instagram Ads

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The Booth

For my booth I wanted to showcase my artwork in a museum format as well as showcase the shoes that are the focal point of the project, bringing together art and sneakers was the goal and I wanted to display that in my booth
Created By
Nicholas Matarazzo