🦸‍♀️ Mission: Food Apocalypse SDG Warriors

On 2.11.2021, Dr. Tammara Soma gave us SDG Warriors a Mission - to save the World from the Global Zombie Food Apocalypse 🧟‍♀️🌾

So, how do we save the world?


1️⃣ Identifying Food Assets

  • HOW? By creating Food Asset Maps
  • WHY? To identify gaps in our neighborhoods, proving to be effective tools to identify food-related assets
  • VIA: Google MyMaps

2️⃣ Seed Saving

  • HOW? Making our own mini-seed vaults
  • WHY? To survive (like Mark Watney) in case of a Global Food Disaster
  • VIA: Seed Banks in Community Gardens, Schools & our own Homes
What we had made before the COVID-19 Lockdown

3️⃣ Zero Food Waste

  • HOW? By using every part of our food
  • WHY? Responsible Food Consumption
  • VIA: Using our Creativity to use different ingredients

4️⃣ Growing Food Everywhere!

  • HOW? Growing plants & practicing sustainable agriculture
  • WHY? To become self-sustaining changemakers in our community
  • VIA: Vertical Gardens/Rooftop Gardens in Urban Spaces like Bangalore
Continuing to grow & maintain our own veggie gardens since 2013

5️⃣ Polyculture

  • HOW? By diversifying cropping patterns
  • WHY? Minimize risks & damage caused by pests & diseases
  • VIA: NOT growing the same crop in a large patch of land
This gives us a good idea about the PROs & CONs!

6️⃣ Build Closed Loop Cities

  • HOW? Building all elements of the food supply chain close to one another
  • WHY? Eradicate long-distance supply chains (disruptive during emergencies)
  • VIA: Construction of places to grow & process food, manage food waste & make compost
Virtual Creation in Minecraft

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