Chemical Weathering ANd HUMAN IMPACT


With the increase of added compounds in the air like sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxide that are coming from factories, these chemicals start to corrode places like forest and even building which are made of limestone.

Polluted lake right next to factory


With the factories producing high contents of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the air the winds are able to carry these pollutants and the pollutants mix with the rain water to create acid rain which destroys the forests, building, and even pollutes the water in lakes and ponds. Since both these chemicals mix with rainwater they are highly unsafe and can be detrimental to the environment and the people and animals living with it.


The most ideal way to stop the pollution and decrease the creation of acid rain is by finding alternative source to create energy without burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the main reason to the emergence of Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen oxide. By using alternatives such as solar power or wind power to create energy we decrease the overall chance of harmful pollutants traveling into the air and poison us and the animals around us.


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