To begin the project, we first started with making the layout of the cottage. I decided to make the sides 10 x 10 because I think otherwise it would be too tiny. Then I had to think about how my cottage would like from different sides. The top view, side view and front view.

After I finished all my blueprints which took a lot of thought, I started my Tinkercad. Tinkercad for me was the hardest and most time consuming part of this project.

Bird's view
My roof looks really stranger because I had to put windows on the top part of the greenhouse. Since that was only one side of the roof, I had to put squares and put them different lengths high.
Back view
front view
left side view
right side view

After finishing my tinkercad , (which was the longest and hardest part of the project) I had do my calculations. I had to find the area of the roof, the volume of the cottage and how much we would have to paint the outside.

I think Coach.V should pick my cottage to get built because my cottage is perfect for a nice weekend. It has a beautiful relaxing greenhouse to read a nice long book and it also has a guest bedroom so he can invite guests. It has a good size kitchen and living room. The total cost is 2830 euros. He and his family could have lots of great memories here.

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