St. Teresa of Avila By: Hannah Smith

Teresa of Jesus was born in Avila, Spain. When she was 20 years old, she became a Carmelite sister. The Carmelite sisters said their prayers but spent most of their days focused on things other than religion.

After a few years, Teresa decided to changer her life and reform her community. She knew that serving God meant prayer, commitment, sacrifice and courage.

Teresa devoted her entire life to prayer and penance for Christ and the Church. Teresa is known as a mystic because was granted an experience of direct union with God. Because of her writings on Christian life and prayer, many people became better followers of Jesus.

In 1970 Saint Teresa of Avila received the title Doctor of the Church. This title is given to saints who excelled in guiding the Church.

The Church can continue to learn from the changes that Teresa of Avila made for many reasons. The Church can continue to not put other things before prayer and faith, just like Teresa taught us. The Church can also help people become better followers of God, just like Teresa of Avila.


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