True Friendship by Kelsey mascioli

Kelsey Mascioli True Friendship

Friendship is very important , something that most people don't think about. Todd Mays thoughts about friendship are , there is three types of friendship: Pleasure, Usefulness, and actual true friendship. Todd really focuses on true friendship and his definition is: “To be a friend is to step into the stream of another's life”. What todd means by that is that you're able to share their pain as your own and taking pleasure in another's pleasure.

What I look for in a true friend is honesty. A honest person can be trusted with feelings , emotions and experiences. Also a caring person who always will listen and will always be there for you and will never leave your side no matter what the situation is. There might be ups and downs but if you get through the hard times you now you have a real true friendship.

In the book of mice and men , there is a valuable true friendship between George and Lennie. Their friendship is very different because Lennie has disabilities and George takes care of him and looks out for him. George and Lennie grew up together and been there for each other through everything.Their relationship is strong because they're never apart and their never lonely because they have each other to go everywhere with and to have their own farm together soon.

Everyone should appreciate a true friendship because some people never have a chance to have one or even a close person in their life. My true friend has done nothing but been a positive impact on my life. Sydni is always there for me when i'm crying or sick, she's a great listener, she always has my back through any situation, she's always honest with me and I can trust her with anything. We have our little fights but were over them in less than a day she's not just a true friend I know she will always be my forever friend.


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