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The first semester is coming to an end and we didn't realize it until now. Time flies at Le Châtelard and we have enjoyed every single moment we have lived here, full of laughter and joy. We couldn't be more grateful with everyone here and specially with our parents that gave us this opportunity. In these past months we have become a big and united family and now, we would like to show our memories with all of you in this edition of our magazine.

Traditionally at Le Châtelard, we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King and the Regnum Christi movement with a week full of activities.

Each day had a theme, a love of the members of Regnum Christi: love to Christ, love to the Pope and the Church, love to the Souls, love to the Virgin Mary and love to Reino and ECYD. And we dressed up and decorated the academy with a different color each day.

We made teams and each team was in charge of the organization of a day. The teams competed in different activities to win points and at the end the highest team won a prize. We had the "Selfie Competition" in which each team had to take a daily selfie with the love of the day; we also organized a Jeopardy at the end of the week where we were able to show how much we learned along the week; and different activities according to the loves of every day.

It was a great experience where we were able to enjoy moments all together as the family we have become.

Winner selfies of each day
We also had the opportunity of going to nursing homes where we spent some time talking with the elderly.
And of course, a little moment of adoration all together


The highlight of Gruyère was definitely what it's called for, the cheese. On that day we went to a cozy little restaurant where they had the best fondue and raclette. It was so delicious, and we had lots of fun exploring the old town. The view from the castle atop the mountain was gorgeous and we definitely took some good pictures with the snowflakes falling from the sky. This trip also gave us an opportunity to get to know each other more. Overall, it was a delicious and fun experience.


In Fribourg we attended a mass to celebrate our Lady of Guadalupe. The church was beautifully decorated, and there were even women who dressed in typical Mexican costumes! We were all reunited, most of the people Mexican, to give a little bit of our time to our mother. It was simply beautiful, and afterwards we got to taste some Mexican dishes and sing some Christmas songs. Our experience was heart-warming and I'm sure we would all want to do it again. After this, we went bowling and had a lot of fun.

Ana Rosa Hernandez


On November 12 we went to Genève, first we visited the Red Cross Museum which was very interesting, we learned about the beginning and the history of the Red Cross. After we visited the museum we had a free afternoon to enjoy, in Genève there is much to do because is such a big and beautiful city and its just one hour from Les Avants.


We went to Basel on November 26, first we had a tour around the city, the whole city was beautiful because it was all decorated with Christmas trees, a lot of lights and of course the beautiful Christmas market, at last we had a free afternoon as well for shopping and to be with our friends.

Teresa Navarro


When we came back from our trip we had a party of the centuries. My century was the 80’s or best known as the hippies. I was dressed and we had to create a dance to preform in front of the whole school. After we were able to dance and socialize with all the girls in the school. The winner of the dance were the …. hippies. We won candy and some other stuff. We shared it with everyone and just had a fun time.

Antia Fuertes


Smiley Day

For this activity we went to the city of Lausanne on a Saturday. We arrived to the train station all dressed up and painted yellow, full of smiley faces and ready to make everyone smile. A lot of people just saw us and laughed, we really called the attention.

Many really got impressed by the cheerful and happy we all were because specially here in Switzerland it's not normal to see 40 girls singing and dancing just to get a smile from you. We had a lot of fun and we achieved to transmit happiness all over the city.

Paola Matute

Dining room

The apostolic girls went to a dining room where they helped to serve food to the people. Their experience was unforgettable, they could see that small actions can change the day to people.

We asked a girl to give us her experience and she told us: "When you go to the dining room you arrive and set the table for the people, you make it as nice as possible so that people have a decent place to eat. People are beginning to come. And that's where the hard work begins to serve people, I did not know how difficult it was to be a waitress. You need agility, rapids and memory to serve people. The experience was unforgettable and you could feel everything you can help in a simple place." - Mariana Lemmen

Yuliet Galindo

Cartons du Cœur

We were divided in small groups, each group with a different schedule. My group was assigned to go Vevey's Migros at 11 am, when we arrived we saw all the donations people had made and got ready. It was amazing seeing the amount of people that really opened their heart and donated something. Honestly, I didn't expect so many donations in such little time. We were so inspired by all the people that even we decided to buy some things and donate them. It was a really unforgettable experience where we learn the real value of giving without expecting something back.

Paola Matute

Theology of the Body

In my personal experience, I really liked the retreat of Theology of the body since it helped me in many different aspects of my life, specially with love.

Thanks to the talks that the couple gave us, I found the real definition of it, how I could achieve it and the importance of chastity. I learned how a good relationship works. How to distinguish a healthy relationship from a not so healthy one and how to get out of a bad relationship with maturity and strenght. It also made me realize how we, as woman, deserve to be treated and the man that are worth it. I am sure this will help every girl including me for the future. For example the moment we choose our husbands, we will be prepare for making the right decision. Apart from love, I learned the importance of taking care of my own body. To respect it and love it. That all of us are beautiful and we were made in image and likeness of God.

Daniela Velasco

Last month, the girls had their first level French Test (DELF) were they were able to show their abilities in French and were tasted by professionals in this exam wich took place at Annecy, France. They studied a lot for this and put their biggest effort.

Academic Awards

We had our first delivery of academic diplomas. All the girls who made special effort at school and made it into the honor roll got the opportunity to receive an award. Congratulations!

These are some quotes that inspire them everyday:

Sofia Reigadas: "There's no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs"

Paola Matute: "Succes is doing ordinary things extraordinary well"

Hayley Mogollon: "Give your 100% in everything you do. You will be happy with yourself, even if the result is not as good as you thought it would be. If you work hard and put 100% effort, that's what matters"

Mariana Olivares: "If you are willing to give your best then you'll see how you are the only one who can make a change in your own life"

Isabella Rebollo: "Give your best and never give up, french is for everyone"

Ana Cristina Manriquez: "Continous effort is the key to unlocking our potential"

Ana Maria Granda: "Be somebody nobody thought you could be"

Montserrat Toronzo: "Life is a climb. But the view is great"

Maria Fernanda Rivadeneyra: "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction"

Renata Leal: "Even though it is hard, it is always worth at the end"

Maria Fernanda Rivadeneyra

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

The day we decorated the academy was a very exciting day for us. We could all feel the christmas spirit while decorating the tree, and listening to christmas music. We made teams, and each team had to decorate a part of Le Châtelard, some had to decorate the main hall, the dinning room, and the floors. After we finished decorating, we headed to Montreux to visit, for the first time, the Marche de Noël. Wich is a traditional Christmas Market where you can find lots of different things from a whole variety of typical food to Christmas gifts, and it's only at this time of the year.

Isabel Duclaud


The school organized a play for the whole town. It consisted of many stories formed into one to see the birth of baby Jesus. We had a month and a half to decorate, rehearse and make the costumes of the girls. I interviewed Hayley, she represented the Virgin Mary. She told me that it was an amazing opportunity to practice her french and her acting skills. Especially when all her friends were helping her out and cheering her on, on stage and off stage. She also explained that at first it was chaos because they were all excited and wanted to start practicing already, but eventually everything fell into place. On the day of the play, you could see the nervousness of the girls, but they were able to pull it off amazingly.

Antia Fuertes

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
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