The adventurer of Buti {The lost necklace}

Buti and his monkey were in the za'abeel park. Buti saw a beautiful model of a necklace with the man while he walk in the park he want to buy the necklace from the man then buti gave him the money and he take the necklace.
Then other man said " Can I buy this necklace?' 'why?' asked Buti. ' l am Hazza ' said the tall man. A long time ago sir Hamdan made three models of his necklace. I have one and I want to give them all back to Hamdan now. ' But Buti did not like Hazza. ' Sorry, you can't buy it, he said . He walked home with necklace.
At home , Buti put the necklace on table suddenly a monkey jumped and drop it down then buti saw something inside necklace an old small scroll he don't understand what they wrote.
Suddenly some men were outside with a big box. ' This is for you,' one man said to Buti. 'What's in it? asked buti. 'YOU are going to be in it! ' said the other man. The man put Buti in the box and took him away.
Buti thought where he is ?? " You are on my ship, the Karaboudjan,' said Hazza. Hazza want the scroll from your model necklace. He but horrible for buti and he go to search for the third scroll.
Buti happy when he saw his monkey. The monkey was on the ship too and he helped Buti with the ropes.
He saw the captain of the ship and he tell him about the scroll and they decide to get out of the ship to find the second scroll , when they reach the town. They see a lot of people standing to watch the event.
And they saw a box , inside the box there is a scroll.

The man want to steal the box.😧

But the captain Mansoor want to pull the box from the man but the captain fall down.

The monkey jumps up to his head of the man to help Buti to take the scroll.

In the end "they take the scrolls then they stick it together after that they found the way to treasure."
Maitha Helal ♥️
Created By
Maitha H

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