Henry Hudson Written by sadie maxfield

who was henry hudson?

Henry Hudson was an explorer born in the late 16th century. One of his goals as a explorer was to find a northwest passage to the indies. Many explorers had looked for the northwest passage and he had dicided to join them in the search.

Who did he explore for?

Henry Hudson explored for 2 country's. He was exploring mostly for England but on one of his expeditions he explored for the Dutch. When he came back to England the officials forbade him to explore for anyone else. I think that it is good that Hudson heeded their words, because if he didn't, he might have gone to jail and not have found Hudson Bay or the Hudson river.

These two country's are the sponsor country's. Henry Hudson explored for both of them.

when did he Explore?

Hudson seemed to go on exploration after exploration. His first journey was in 1607. Then his second was in 1608. His last was right after, in 1609. On his first journey he left the dock with a crew of 20. They boarded a ship called the Half Moon. Hudson found a harbor witch is now called Hudson bay. A river was flowing into it. He suspected it might be the northwest passage, so he sailed down it. It started to get shallow and he turned back.

Challenges he faced

Henry faced many challenges when he was sailing, but a big one was that he kept getting stuck in thick ice. On the last voyage he got stuck in the ice and he and his crew had to live in small huts for the rest of the frigid winter.


Hudson found what is now called Hudson bay and Hudson river. Also, he persevered. Like I said earlier in the text, Henry went on 3 voyages and on each one he got stuck in thick ice. Even though he didn't find what he was looking for he is still a remembered explorer to this day.

I have been out here for weeks on end, why can't we go home, back to England! We thought he was sailing back to England but the crew and we just found out he's not!!! He's going west to look again, for the Northwest passage. I just want to throw him off the ship along with his followers. And that's exactly what we are going to do! - Lincoln Maxwell

Timeline of Henry Hudson's life

1565-1570 - Hudson is born

1607 - Henry Hudson goes on his first voyage were he bumps into ice and has to turn back

1608- Hudson goes on his second voyage and gets stuck in ice again and has to live huts on the shore of Hudson bay.

1609 - Hudson goes on his third voyage and is left on a small boat without oars with 7 other crew members and his son.

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