cottonmouth/water mocisn by lane

A cottonmouth is found through southern Virginia to Florida all the way to southern Texas. A cottonmouth is scaly and it’s really long. It has a arrow type of head its length is 2 to 6 feet and it weights 2 to 4lbs. its colors can get all different kinds but it can only be bark colors it is a type of reptile which is a reptile

A cottonmouth is a carnivore which is a animal that eats meat as food here are some animals that a cottonmouth eats fish, birds, baby turtles, baby crocodiles, and smaller water snakes. A cottonmouth swallows its prey whole instead of chewing.When it sees prey it that it wants to attack it gets into a “s” position and then attacks. Cottonmouths have weird diets like they eat other snakes and baby crocodiles that's super weird right.when they swim they deflect their lungs and when they are excited they shake there tail.

A cottonmouth is a type of snake that hibernates. It goes to another snake's den and hibernates there for safety and stays there through the whole hibernation time.

There are some enies of the cottonmouth like some bigger snakes, turtles, alligators, some other small mammals but other than that he is at the top of the food chain. They can protect themselves by using their fangs that have venom glands.

A lot of people are just scared of them and kill them instead of relocating them. Cottonmouths give birth to live offspring instead of laying eggs. When a cottonmouth gets scared it coils up and open its mouth and it's white and cottony mouth. When a cottonmouth get in a fight he will be the one to run away instead of fighting against that snake.


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