Crispr Biology

What is crispr?

Crispr stands for Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. You can also say that this is a tool that is used primarily for genome editing. It has a lot of potential and is probably better than any DNA editing technique than we have used before. The potential is endless for crispr.

How is Crispr useful?

Crispr can be useful in endless ways. It is good for everything. Like stated above, it has a lot of potential. It can possibly increase our life expectancy and eliminate diseases. It can help eliminate minor or possible life threatening diseases. Crisper will change the future for everybody.

Should it be used? Why?

Crispr should be thoroughly tested before put into full action. I think it should absolutely be used after it passes testing. If we can use crispr, it will change the way everything works. It can fight disease and possibly then let you enjoy your life better. I think it should be used to "advance the mission".

Why is it interesting?

Crispr is interesting for multiple reasons. Imagine if a baseball player were to retire at 100 years old instead of 40 and still have his entire life ahead of him. Maybe we will be able to live underwater or on another planet. It is interesting because of how drastically it Will affect society as we know it. The planet would be overpopulated so many would need to move out. This is a crazy but interesting idea.

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