Carving By caleb m

This is my first carving ever this is a picture of the carving machine.

I chose this picture because basketball has been a part of my life when I was young.

I got this idea because I love to play basketball with friends. The story behind this is I loved basketball from a young age so it's sorta always been a part of my life. My ideas I wanted to show was my initials (cm) in the basketball itself and it worked out. First I thought I could do a snow type design but then I thought of the basketball season witch is winter.

This picture is my photoshopped picture of my basketball design before it got carved. To be fair I really didn't know how the positive and negative parts would come out but they turned out great I think. After I had my design in easel there were a couple of red lines witch meant it wouldn't carve well so I had to go back and fix them by adding my color and use it the bucket option in photoshop. I would change nothing if I could it definitely changed in the process of making things somethings didn't work and some did.

This is my final carving it turned out pretty well. My craving turned out the way I wanted it the positive and negative when in the right places. I think the positive and negative are somewhat balanced. I would in prove the positive and negative places. The most interesting part was my cm in the basketball it self. The most difficult part was fixing the red lines in easel. I would like to do something like this in the future.

This was my final design on in photoshop and after this was put in on easel then I was ready to carve this.

This was the machine that my carving was in my color for mine was blue and white. My surprising parts was how the black parts on photoshop turned into blue when it was finally finished.

My project turned out not how o thought it was but I still liked they way it came out. Negative and positive were hard but I still got it in my carving. I'm most proud of the cm being in there. I would in prove the positive and negative parts. Th hard parts were fixing the parts so it would print. I would like to do something's like this in the future.

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