Looking for Birds in Cuba With Cate, 2 Bob's, Scott, 2 John's, Mike, Forrest, Cary, Ellen, Sallie, Allie, Alejandro and Rolando

From February 22nd to March 3rd, we traveled to some bird habitats in Cuba. WOW! We covered some ground! Ranging from the lovely white sands of Playa Giron to semi-deciduous forests and the limestone covered hills of Cuevas de las Portales, we saw impressive creatures from in as well as outside the bus. So much to take in.... Now, in no particular order, some of the birds I was lucky enough to see.

Black-cowled Oriole
Common Black Hawk
Blue -Headed Quail Dove
Bare-legged Owl
Zapata Wren- What a star. Almost on cue flew in, sang his heart out, then took off for higher ground
Zapata Wren
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Cuban Emerald Hummingbird
Cuban Emerald Hummingbird
Cuban Grassquit
Cuban Grassquit
White-winged Dove
Cuban Amazon
I love the parrots
Oriente Warbler
Yellow- headed Warbler
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
White-crowned Pigeon
Cuban Green
Cuban Solitaire- Lovely voice but shy
Cuban Tody- tiny beautiful bird and so quick
Cuban Green
Cuban Pygmy Owl
Cuban Trogan
Cuban Trogan
Cape May Warbler
Cuban Pewee
Fernandinas Flicker- Loved this bird
Fernandinas Flicker
Snail Kite
West Indian Woodpecker
Flamingos- So outrageous in their color but so far away!
Green Heron
Grassquit Tree
Killdeer-Wish all my birds would cooperate like this one
Louisiana Water Thrush
Lizard Cuckoo- Could have spent a day photographing him
Loggerhead Kingbird
Black-necked Stilts and Yellowlegs
Tawny Shouldered Blackbird
Mergansers and Dowitchers
Immature White Ibis
Palm Warbler
Pigeon- any bird that came close to me was fair game as those warblers and gnatcatchers proved to quick for me
Palm Warbler
Yellow Warbler
American Redstart
Cuban Pewee
Greater Antillean Nightjar
Roseate Spoonbill-another bird I can't get enough of
Red-legged Thrush
Red-legged Thrush
Red-legged Honeycreeper
Ruddy Turnstone
Smooth-billed Ani's
Kestrel and Cuban Parrots

So many got away from my camera- Bee Hummingbird, Parula and multiple warblers, Gnat-catchers, Giant Kingbird, Cuban Crow, Caracara, Merlin, Cuban Parakeet to name a few. I guess we will have to just go back to find them. It was a pleasure to be with all of you and I truly hope we can all be together again. Buen viajes y hasta luego. Cheers-Allie

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