Hi everyone,today we will tell you about water in our high school. In our high school there are a lot of classrooms with water access points.

The playground has a fountain with 3 taps, but 1 tap is not working. Students drink water when they are in P.E class (Physical education). Also, they use the water to clean their hands and their mouths after breakfast. Sometimes students play with water, splashing others.


When we have a P.E class we go there to change our shirts in the changing room. In the changing room (of the girls) there are 2 skins with 4 taps, 2 toilets and 4 showers but we don't use the showers. We use the sinks to refresh ourselves after P.E.


The lab is very big. Our lab has 5 sinks with 1 tap each. The teacher does not allow students to drink water of the sinks. Students wash their hands after sience experiments and wash the material. In the sinks there is soap and sponge. Some students leave the water running when they wash their hands or material and it is very bad.

The technology room is big because we need space to work. The technology room has 1 sink and 1 tap. Students wash their hands when they work with glue or similar and they also drink water.



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