NEW york colony,founded 1626 Allison baum

-the new york colony was New sweden until, In 1626 the Duke of York founded the New York Colony.
-There Was other important people such as, Peter Studyvesant the last dutch director-general:
Peter Studyvesant
They created a royal government, where they were ruled by the English Monarchy.
They have many religions such as; Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jewish, and Others
- Since it was a non-dominated there was more religious freedom and liberal attitudes.
-most of the middle colonies had the same religion aspects.
They had a warm summers
but however, there were mild winter.
they had a rough mountain Terran in the Northwest and the Atlantic ocean along the south west border.
in their economy they had many different trades and exports such as; corn, wheat, Livestock (pork and beef), iron ore, lumber, textiles, furs, and ship building.
corn was the most popular because, it was eaten by humans and animals.
new york colony was known as the breadbasket colony because they grew many crops, but mainly a lot of wheat.

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