The Ocean

Seawater: Don't drink the water!

Why are oceans important to life on Earth?

The oceans are important to life on Earth for many reasons. One reason is that the oceans provide more than half of the oxygen for the Earth. Another reason is it oceans are crucial to the global economy with 500 billion dollars from sea based business per year. Yet another reason is that the ocean provides much of the food for the animals on land. These are just a few of the many reason why the oceans are important to life.

How ocean current is related to the earth's climate?

Zones of the ocean:

Sunlit zone: Zone that receives the most sunlight and plants are plentiful, sea lions ad sharks are common here.

Twilight Zone: Only dim light reaches this layer, no plants grow here. Jellyfish and squid are common here.

Midnight Zone: The area of the deep sea doesn't get any sunlight. Some animals here don't have eyes. Viper fish and snipe eel are common in these areas of the ocean.

Abyss Zone: The abyss is often used to describe the deep sea in general. Most creatures here don't have a backbone, sea spiders and blind shrimp are common here.

Hadal Zone: Extreme debts are in this layer of the ocean. Water barley stays above freezing. Sea cucumbers are common here.

Pressure, temperature, and ocean depth: The pressure increases as you increase ocean depth and the temperature decreases as you increase ocean depth.

Resources we use from the ocean:


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