Rabies by:alexander lowry

Rabies is a very rare neurological and body affecting disease that if not treated can cause death. Rabies is so rare that there was only one case in 2015

Your death bed if you don't get treated for Rabies(it even says your death is a masterpiece)

The symptoms of Rabies are quite brutal if not treated. Rabies affects every part of the bodyPeople may experience pain in the muscles and overall the body is dizziness, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, or malaise(a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.) In the psychological department of the body, the victim may experience delirium, fear, and hallucination. In the gastrointestinal department the symptoms include nausea and vomiting. In the muscular region of the body symptoms include muscle spasms or paralysis with weak muscles. In the sensory region of the body symptoms include pins and needles feeling or sensitivity to light. In the behavioral department of the body aggression or irritability are extremely common. Also common are anxiety, brain death, coma, difficulty swallowing, dilated pupil, drooling, excess salivation, headache, mental confusion, seizures, or stiff neck

Transmission(ignore the sponsored bus)

Rabies is a disease that is spreads by the saliva of an infected animal or insect and sometimes from organ transplants and bites from humans. So if an area is know to have animals with rabies avoid this place.


This disease can be prevented by getting the rabies vaccine and getting renewed when due.


If someone is infected with the disease then they are taken into intensive care and are given antibiotics and blood transfusions and doctors go into the Milwaukee protocol (which is experimental) is where the patient is put into a coma and given medication. The animal that gave the patient the disease is put down as soon as its captured.

A hot air balloon because I don't know

There us no alarm to avoid every animal just get the vaccine and live on and have fun. But please don't toss your animal out the window because of this.


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