The typical day of an Engineering student (Take a seat, grab some popcorn, and relax)

Hello there, my name is Jaileen Salazar and I am a sophomore studying Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Arizona (cough cough BEAR DOWN).

Yes, I know sounds fancy and intimidating. But in reality, I am simply a nineteen year old girl who is obsessed with dogs, traveling, and fashion (can't forget about Meryl Streep memes).

While I wish I could travel and play with animals 24/7, I am still an Engineering student from Monday through Friday's (occasionally on the weekends). I know many of you may think we spend the entire day studying in the library or in a lab making new inventions (slightly true).

But you would be surprised of what a 'Typical' Monday looks like...

rise and shine - 8:30 aM

Some will wake up to go on a run (what I should be doing) but instead, I like to live on the edge and wake up just in time to eat breakfast, look presentable, and make it to my first class with a couple of minutes to spare.

introduction to circuits - 9:00 am

If you are currently taking any type of Physics course, I am sure you have heard of the famous Ohm's Law (aka V=IR), resistors, inductors, voltages, currents, etc. Essentially, this class focuses on the analysis of linear circuits. Again, this may sound intimidating but it is an interactive and well-taught course (shout out to Dr. Marcellin)! There is a lab component every other week that really allows to put all the theory into reality.

Starting a fashion business - 10:00 AM

As I had mentioned previously, I love fashion. And so, I have added a Fashion minor to my degree to feed my creative side even further. Whether your hidden passion is fashion, music, or any type of discipline that might be irrelevant, don't worry! Especially if you picture yourself getting into that industry, engineering will interlace with it in some way, shape, or form.

water Break - 11:00 am

Two hours later, my stomach is grumbling, my water bottle is empty, and my brain needs a break! During my hour break, I usually stop by Chick-Fil-A and enjoy some large waffle fries. If I am lucky, I may even get in an episode of Jane the Virgin or some shopping on University Boulevard!

discrete math - 12:00 pm

Off to classes again, but relax, we are almost done. Up next we have Discrete Math. Before you begin to freak out because you forgot the derivative and integral rules you promised you would never forget, again, RELAX. Discrete Math is different from the classes I was used to in the sense that many of the applications and proofs we do can easily be applied in Computer Programming terms. So for any coding lovers, this may be an interesting course!

Miscellaneous break - 1:00 pm

We now have three hours to kill. Depending on how my Monday is treating me, it will either consist of laying somewhere on the UA mall, getting in a quick study session, or go to work at the School of Anthropology.

Thermodynamics - 4:00 PM

LAST CLASS OF THE DAY! Sometimes it feels like this time would never come, but it finally did. We now embark on my last class of the day, a requirement for ECE majors, Thermodynamics. This class covers some essentials such as heat engines, heat, wave theory, etc.

day completed - 5:00 pm

Now the rest of the day is yours! I will meet some friends at the library and get some homework out of the way. This time is also great to relax and have fun! Sometimes I will have a club meeting to attend, but that is all up to you!

Now that doesn't sound so bad right?!

Hopefully I have convinced you that while being an Engineering student does not mean that you eat, sleep, and live in the library (maybe only during finals).

If I have not convinced you enough, check out some of the thins my fellow Engineering peers have to say about there experience as Engineering students!

Are you convinced yet?


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