Killa Clothes By sophie

Clothing manufacturing has undergone many changes with the way clothing is produced with time cheaper and fast ways of manufacturing clothes has become a game changer. This is referring to mass manufacturing. This process creates large numbers of similar products efficiently and in great numbers. Before mass manufacturing clothes were made by hand by the woman of the house hold.

Mass manufacturing occurred when the industrial revolution started in the 18th century in Britain. From Britain it spread to other parts of the world. This era had its positive and negative impacts upon society . Whilst the factories in the industrial revolution were producing many goods for the public there was a high demand for labour. Poorer families migrated from rural areas to find better work. Families surely found that to survive every member of the family had to work, even the children. Most were paid little and the conditions could lead to their deaths. Even in the 21th century in poorer countries this is still occurring with children working in clothing factories as well as brick factories in India.

As mankind has evolved we have invented more efficient machinery. This means less people are needed to work in the factories as the machines are programmed to do most of the work. This has massive implications on employment. This enforced unemployment has an effect on the society as there is less jobs for the community. Leaving more unemployed people . Mechanisation can lead to less child labour and also fewer deaths on the factory floor. Due to some countries suffering poverty child labour still exists. They would still use child labour in dangerous conditions.

In the 21st century we now have more opinions to use more environmentally friendly materials compared to back in the 18th centuries. The factories in the 18th centuries used to emit air pollution affecting the health of people and the earth. Many products used in factories can have an environmentally safe option. Firstly, many dyes that were used were chemical based now there is an option of using dyes that come from flowers. Secondly, recycle bins are provided for clothing so they can be reused and not thrown away then put into land fill. Finally, instead of items being made in masses in factories they can be made by hand. Item that are manly made by hand are for high end products.


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