2016 art projects Jack Dwyer, B period

Zentangle design, medium: Sharpie and paper
Wire figure, medium: wire, wood blocks, foam, plaster, and paint
Cut canvas design, medium: paper, scissors
Color scheme pattern painting: paint, double split color compliment
Perspective drawing, medium: paper, sharpie, various pencils. 1. I used color and positioning to have a focus near the side of the actually picture. 2. Color was a primary tool used in the picture. Having a black and white environment yet a single red brick building creates emphasis. Next, I had the road really wide but the sidewalk and alleyways are thin. Finally, I used form and had the buildings go off the top of the paper. This helps emphasis the big city feel of the scene.
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio's "David with the Head, of Goliath". What the painting lacks in a unique name it makes up for in extreme detail. This painting adds to a large number of biblical paintings that not only was Michelangelo famous for but the Renaissance as a whole. The painting as a whole has no specific point of emphasis, maybe it's so that the feeling of David's victory seems grander and focused on the figure as a whole, added by the lack of background yet bright light emphasizing David himself with his sword and Goliath's head slightly fading into the darkness. Merisi's use of color creates an emphasis on the figure of David with a lack of background and lighting focused on the biblical figure. The painting emphasizes the feeling of victory and maybe a slight emphasis on the feeling of God's judgement. David's inexpressive face contradicts the usual expressions you might see after a battle. Instead, David's face reflects the usual stoic look of most biblical figures in paintings. Like many Renaissance artists, Merisi often painted biblical scenes and figures.

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