St Joseph's Newsletter Term Three, Week Six

A little bit of Mercy makes the world less cold and more just.” Pope Francis

Dear Families and Friends

It has been another busy a week for our school community with a number of events taking place both inside and outside our school.

Mini Vinnies

Last Thursday a number of Mini Vinnies visited Juniper Aged Care Facility to spend time with the residents. Some terrific jokes were told and great dance routines were performed. A special mention to Marquin who engaged in thoughtful conversations with the residents following our performances.

Staff Professional Development in Warmun

Last Friday staff participated in a professional development workshop focussing on peer coaching. All staff now have a peer coaching partner who will observe lessons being taught and offer feedback based on the specific goal that has been set for that lesson. The staff are to be commended for the enthusiastic approach they have maintained towards this valuable professional learning. We look forward to continuing our peer coaching which we hope will have a positive impact on learning for both staff and students.


Congratulations to Ezra Fejo, Quinnaya Chulung, Tremane Baxter, Jerome Hamilton and Edmond Whyte who received the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Vincent Pallotti Church last Sunday. Thank you to Fr James, Fr Joel and Bishop Saunders for administering the Sacrament and thanks also to Mrs Jen Rudyard for the time and effort she put into making the service a great success.

Book Week

At our Monday morning assembly we welcomed John Budiselik to our school. John is a singer, song writer, poet and author who spent the day with the senior classes, sharing his passion for Literacy. He was very impressed with the work produced by the students over the course of the day. We welcome John back to our school for the conclusion of our Book Week activities.

Whilst it was disappointing to learn that the Book Fair books will not be arriving at our school this week, students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of other activities.

  • · From Wednesday - Friday a number of dedicated staff will be giving up their recess and lunch breaks to read picture story books to those students who are interested. This will take place in the Library after students have finished eating. All students from Year 1 - 6 are most welcome to attend.
  • On Wednesday all students will be participating in Constable Care sessions held in the Library.
  • · On Friday there is the Book Week Parade at 9:30am in the undercover area. It will be wonderful to see students and staff dress up for the occasion! Families and friends are most welcome to attend.
  • · Whilst our assembly this Friday will be led by the Mini Vinnies representatives, John Budiselik will share more of his Literacy talents with our school community.

Father's Day

In response to the success of our Father's Day breakfast last year, we are inviting all fathers and special men to join us again next Friday 31st August from 7am. Miss Kris will be cooking up a delicious breakfast including a nutritious smoothie. A note will be sent home with children this week. Please return it to the office as soon as possible so that the necessary preparations can be made.

Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday a fantastic day of teamwork, cooperation, inclusion and fun was on display in the form of our School Athletics Carnival. All students are to be commended on the manner in which they conducted themselves on the day. Thank you to Mrs Allen for organising this successful event for our school. It was wonderful to see so many families and friends in attendance and a special mention to Tracey Diddams, Steph Ricketts and Yasmin Lewis for volunteering their time to assist with the BBQ. Finally, thank you to staff for ensuring children were happy and engaged in the activities. Congratulations to the students who were formally acknowledged during the presentation ceremony and well done to Pentecost who were the overall winners.

Athletics Carnival Champions

Year 2: Quintarnah Johnson, Carmelo Jazyk-Cox

Year 3: Rolandra Murry, Ben McClements

Year 4: Miytia Ningarmara, Shogun Salerno

Year 5: Zontae Taylor, D’Andre Jazyk-Cox

Year 6: Ta-Harn Bolton, Edmond Whyte

A big thank you to JSW Holdings for donating and delivering the white sand for our Athletics Carnival jumps.

Year 5/6 Camp

A final meeting will be held on Monday 27th September in our school Library at 5:00pm regarding the necessary preparations that need to take place ahead of students leaving for camp on the 14th September. This meeting must be attended by students and at least one parent or carer. If you are unable to attend this meeting, please make contact with your child's teacher.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tim Hogan, Principal

Kindergarten News

LITERACY NEWS In Kindergarten we focus on pre-writing skills, laying the foundation to allow children to learn to write as they move into Pre-Primary and Year 1. There are six stages of pre-writing that parents may see over the next six months:

1) Drawing: children draw or scribble pictures.

2) Random scribbling: children scribble and can say what their marks mean.

3) Controlled scribbling: children scribble in rows across the page from left to right.

4) Letter-like forms: children use unconventional letter forms and familiar symbols such as circles but still give meaning to their writing.

5) Random letters: children begin to use random letter shapes to convey meaning.

6) Patterned letters: children begin to use strings of unrelated letters; sometimes the letters from their name appear.

We support these pre-writing skills by providing relevant and exciting materials and activities throughout the day. For example:

1) Rainbow writing: teachers draw zig zags, loops, letters or numbers for children to trace in different colours.

2) Sensory experiences: children practise writing letters or their name in sand, shaving cream or using paint.

3) Role play: menus are supplied in the home corner so children can ‘take orders’ from their peers.

4) Playing teachers: this allows the children to mimic the teacher by writing on the teacher whiteboard and explaining what they are doing to their peers.

5) Post office: providing writing materials such as cards, envelops, stamps, mailbox.

Clipboards, notepads, pencils, chalkboards, whiteboards and easels are always available for children to use.

BLUEARTH NEWS Yesterday the Kindergarten children participated in the BLUEARTH Sports Day. They enjoyed playing games such as Farmer Fruits and Doggy Catcher. Thank you to Miss June for organising the morning and our wonderful parents who joined in the activities and supported the children.

The Kindergarten children participate in the BLUEARTH program with Miss June every Tuesday at 8:00am. BLUEARTH is a unique movement approach to learning that improves health, behaviour, self-esteem, confidence and academic achievement. Parents are more than welcome to join us during these sessions.

Year 5/6 News

Term 3 is flying by, just like our balloon powered rockets we made in Science! In Civics and Citizenship, we have been learning about the roles and responsibilities of our federal, local and state government in preparation for the Year 5&6 School Camp to Canberra. We have also been organising many fundraising events for our camp which has fostered positive interactions with each other and the community.

On Monday this week, Mr John Budiselik shared some of his poetry wisdom with us. We created a poem as a class and then individually added some verses to describe our Science lesson on Thursday last week. See Shazla Sheroz’s poem below.

Our Rocket by Shazla Sheroz

Our rocket wasn’t from NASA but a Kununurra design.

Sticky tape and plastic navigatin’ up a fishing line.

We blew up balloons, they were the power source.

Got that ship a-movin’ on its course with force.

Then we counted down, waited for it to rise.

Sadly we failed (which wasn’t much of a surprise!).

“Put the balloons behind the patty pans!”

We did as we were told and felt some hope.

It did the trick!

We were as jumpy as a kid on a skipping rope.

It was exhilarating!

Eventually we succeeded,

After many fails.

Miss Marcia’s advice was just what we needed!

Miss Marion Gehrmann


Friday 24th August at 9:30am - BookWeek Parade (to be held under the lunch shed)

Friday 31st August at 7:00am - Father's Day Breakfast (to be held under the lunch shed)


Each even week, Friday @ 1:20pm

Week 6: Mini Vinnies

Week 8: Kindergarten

Week 10: Yr 4/5


If your child requires prescription medication during the school day, a Student Medication Administration Request must be filled out by parents/carers. These are available from the office. We are unable to administer medications without a signed form, even if verbal permission is given over the phone or to the school bus driver.

Thank you for your cooperation.

School Fees

Most of our families have either paid all their fees or are well on their way to having them paid in full by the end of Term 3.

School fees make an important contribution to providing your child with the best possible education.

Families who have a Health Care Card are asked to present it at the office for the appropriate discount on their tuition fees. If you are experiencing financial hardship, and are not eligible for the card, please make a time to see the Principal to discuss your individual circumstances.

We accept payment using the Indue Card.



Four Year Old Immunisations

Please be advised that the immunisation schedule has changed as of 1st August 2018.

4 year immunisations can no longer be given at 3 ½ years of age.

The child must have turned 4yrs to receive final childhood immunisation.

Any queries –please call Community Health on 91664321

St Joseph’s School is a Nut Awareness Zone

We have a student who has a touch-sensitive, life-threatening nut allergy. Please do not send nut products to school in recess or lunch boxes. This includes peanut butter, Nutella and many muesli bars.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Canteen Volunteers Wanted

Miss Kris is looking for parents or friends of the St Joseph’s community who may be able to lend a hand. As they say, many hands make light work! If you can assist in any way, please have a chat with Kris or the Principal.

St Joseph’s School Uniforms

At St Joseph’s School we take great pride in our appearance. The school uniform is also an important aspect of child health and safety. It is a requirement that all students wear a St Joseph’s uniform (including a hat with our logo) that is purchased from our uniform shop. Similar items bought elsewhere may not be worn to school.

Please note that our “no hat, no play” policy will be enforced.

See our website for a full range of uniform items.

Uniforms may be purchased at any time from our office.

Praying the Rosary

Sr Marcella will lead us in one decade of the rosary each Friday at 7:35am on the grass outside the administration building. Please feel welcome to join us for five minutes of prayer.

New Enrolment Policy

The West Australian School Education Act (1999) stipulates that information about immunisation status and date of birth must be supplied when applying to enrol at school. As of 2018, a child’s birth certificate and immunisation documents must be provided before they can commence their schooling at St Joseph’s.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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