Heritage House By sofia

My favorite room in Doctor Clark's house is the dining room. The dining room has toys, a couch, dining table, calling cards, and the front door. I like this room because it has toys in it.

My dining room has a different table. My table is round and it is brown. My table has a turning table and Dr. Clark's does not. I do not have toys in my dining room. My front door is like Dr,. Clark's because it is near the dining room.

I prefer my dining room because my mom doesn't like toys in the dining room. Mine is neater. Another reason I like mine better is because I do not like the design of Dr. Clark's table. The next reason is because I do not want someone leaving a calling card in my house and I am not there. The last reason is because I do not want the distraction of toys.

So now you know why I like my dining room better than Dr. Clark's dining room.

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