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Shakespeare’s Career

Quote #1 "After arriving in London, Shakespeare began an association with one of the city’s repertory theater companies. These companies consisted of a permanent cast of actors who presented a variety of plays week after week. The companies had aristocratic patrons, and the players were technically servants of the nobles who sponsored them. But the companies were commercial operations that depended on selling tickets to the general public for their income." (Lander)

Shakespeare started working with different theater companies.

Shakespeare’s work

Quote #2 "In 1609, a London publisher named Thomas Thorpe published a book called Shakespeare’s Sonnets. The volume contained more than 150 sonnets that Shakespeare had written over the years. Scholars have long been curious about the book’s puzzling dedication. It reads, in modernized spelling: “To the only begetter of these ensuing sonnets Mr. W. H.” We do not know whether these are Shakespeare’s or Thorpe’s words, nor do we know the identity of the mysterious W. H. For additional information on the sonnets, see the section Shakespeare’s poems." (Lander)

Shakespeare's volume "Shakespeare's Sonnets".

Shakespeare’s writing

Quote #3 "By the late 1590’s, Shakespeare not only had become an established writer but also had become prosperous." (Lander)

What Shakespeare became.

Shakespeare’s Life 2

Quote #4 "By 1592, Shakespeare apparently attracted the hostile attention of a jealous rival. Robert Greene was a university-trained writer who was among the first to attempt to make a career of writing for the stage and the commercial press. Greene’s Groats-Worth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance, a pamphlet published after Greene’s death in 1592, contains a harsh reference to Shakespeare." (Lander)

William dealed with drama.

Shakespeare’s Middle Years

Quote #5 "Beginning at about the age of 7, William probably attended the Stratford grammar school with other boys of his social class. The school’s highly qualified teachers were graduates of Oxford University." (Lander)

Shakespeare went to the Stratford grammar school.

Shakespeare’s Life 4

Quote #6 "The first 126 of the 154 sonnets are addressed to a young man whose identity has long intrigued scholars." ("William").

Statistics about the scholars.

Shakespeare’s Family

Quote #7 "The Shakespeare's were a family of considerable local prominence. In 1565, John Shakespeare became an alderman. Three years later, he was elected bailiff (mayor), the highest civic honor that a Stratford resident could receive. Later, he held several other civic posts. But toward the end of his life, John Shakespeare had financial problems." (Lander)

Information about Shakespeare’s family.

Shakespeare’s Life 3

Quote #8 "William Shakespeare’s mother was born Mary Arden. She was the daughter of a farmer but related to a family of considerable social standing in the county. John Shakespeare married Mary Arden about 1557. The Arden's were Roman Catholics. Mary may also have been a Catholic, but the Shakespeare's publicly belonged to the Church of England, the state church." (Lander)

Information about Shakespeare’s mother.

Shakespeare’s Early Life

Quote #9 "William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children. The register of Holy Trinity, the parish church in Stratford, records his baptism on April 26. According to the custom at that time, infants were baptized about three days after their birth. Therefore, the generally accepted date for Shakespeare’s birth is April 23." (lander)

Shakespeare’s Birth and baptism

Shakespeare’s Life 2

Quote #10 "Shakespeare’s parents belonged to what today would be called the middle class. John Shakespeare, William’s father, was a glove maker who owned a shop in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford is about 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of London in the county of Warwickshire. John Shakespeare was a respected man in the town and held several important positions in the local government." (Lander)

Shakespeare’s dad was a glove maker and a mayor.

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