Jac Lewis Foundation service update june 2021

January 2021- June 2021

We have received 258 counselling referrals into the Jac Lewis Foundation in the last six months.

We have delivered over a 1000 counselling sessions during this period to people who would otherwise have been waiting for months to access counselling through the NHS.

Bereavement through Suicide Support Service

We have currently supported 61 family members who have lost a loved one through suicide.

Self Referrals

We have supported 106 members of our local community to receive counselling support through self referral.

Therapist Team

  • Counsellors x 3
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapists x 3
  • EMDR x 3 - (For Trauma)
  • Play Therapist x 2 (for younger children)
  • Family Therapist x 2
  • Also have 10 counselling students working within the foundation.

Case study 1: Counselling

  • Male 35 referred in Anxiety and Low mood.
  • 6 sessions received
  • Patient did have a plan to take their own life which may have happened if they had not received therapy.

Case Study 2: Family Therapy

  • YP 14 - Anxiety - washing of hands, obtrusive thoughts. Parent very anxious about YP.
  • 6 sessions - CBT/Family Therapy
  • Parent - I dont’ know what I would have done without this, I have been so worried about him. He is so much better and happier now and I understand him more.
  • YP - I know my brain better now and I don’t have to wash my hands all the time, I know what I can do so that I don’t worry all the time.

Case Study 3: Play Therapy

  • 7 year old referred for Anger and Tantrums.
  • Six sessions completed
  • Parents - they look forward to going to play therapy and ask ‘is it time yet?’
  • Tantrums reduced from three times to once a week.
  • Severity of tantrums have reduced.
  • Mum also now receiving counselling after speaking to play therapist about how she feels her issues impact on her parenting and child’s difficulties.

Shows how working with one member of the family can help other family members to come forward for support.

IMPACT of this service

  • Quick easy access to evidenced based mental health support.
  • Short waiting times compared to NHS and other services
  • Able to work with the whole family.
  • Able to provide a range of different therapies to suit patient and family issues.
  • Offer flexible appointments to include home visits and evening and weekend appointments for school children, working adults and childcare issues.
‘Very responsive in meeting the needs of the patients, very timely. I think you are offering a broader range of support for patients than what we can offer through the primary care services within the NHS’ - ‘Mental Health Practitioner’
Your service has become a valuable part of my role, in helping patients on a holistic level. They are able to access the tools they need within a short space of time to help them with their anxiety and depression. A positive to your service is that you have EMDR therapists to help patients who have experienced trauma. Patients could not have access to these specialist treatments unless referred to IPTS (2 years) waiting list through NHS or would have to pay privately.
‘One of my client’s recently had some EMDR at the JLF and it has literally been life changing’. - Social Prescriber.

Client Feedback

  • Prefer out of school counselling as I don’t have to leave class and if I get upset I don’t have to go back into class with puffy eyes.
  • Without this service I may not be here today!
  • These sessions have really helped me to understand myself and my behaviour. I am really grateful.
  • I am so grateful for the support ...I was giving up on mental health services.
  • EMDR therapy has given me my life back. Thank you!
  • Extremely grateful for this service I was so worried about my child’s self harming and didn’t know where to turn!
  • We are all getting along so much better as we understand each other more now. The house is a lot calmer and happier because of the sessions

Community Thanks - Thank everyone for their donations without which we wouldn’t have been able to support the children, adults and families that have been struggling in our local community.

National lottery Community Fund - Thank you for funding

Tesco: Ammanford - Thank you for your funding and support

All the fundraisers

Everyone that donated materials, time, money to develop the wellbeing centre

Massive thank you to our VOLUNTEERS - we could not have done this without you!


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