Vast and Furious By Valerio Lanfranco

Once upon a time there was a racer. He was so determined to win the World Cup that he would train in his free time in the desert, by himself, alone. His name was Rudolph.

But that day he wasn't alone. In fact, his number one enemy, Andromeda84 was there too. However, he wasn't there to train, he wanted to kick Rudolph out of the cup race so he could win easily!

Rudolph - OH NO!! Andromeda is here and he is ready to take his revenge from last year's cup!

Andromeda84 - AH-AH! You are right, I'll never come in second place again!!

Andromeda accelerated, hit him, and drove off as fast as he could. Rudolph spun in the air 3 times screaming for help.

Luckily, he fell on a pillow of grass that saved him so he could race in the World Cup.

Andromeda84, thinking that he finally got the World Cup, dabbed without knowing that the challenge just started!

Created By
Valerio Lanfranco

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