This Backasswards Weather Sam Groth

LISTEN. This weather kills me.First it starts off windy. Then it gets windy and cold and bitter and awful. And then you look out your window and see all these morons horsing around in the cold. Only to come to class with grotesque runny noses and pale faces. Anyway, this weather is horrid, and all the weather in the South really is ace. Once I get some real dough I'm going to buy myself a small house and live with a nice hearty dog (you know a place where I can read and escape from all the phonies). I don't care if it's ratty as long as I can escape the bourgeois lifestyle I'm living in right now. How am i going to get the money for my shack you might ask. Well is just so happens that I am the greatest hustler in the world. As much as I hate the world that currently surrounds me, they really are a predictable bunch. For example the country is currently split on the whole trump is the president or he isn't the president (I personally don't care enough to pay attention). However, I'm going to set up a shop that sells pro-Trump paraphernalia on one half and anti-Trump paraphernalia on the other. All of these thick people will eat this non-sense up. They really will. Now this business plan will only do so hot for a bit. But once these morons stop eating up what I'm serving them, I'm going to have a fire sale to clear way for the next biggest trend/nation-wide argument.

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