Hitler's Rise jamya gilleylen

  • Hitler was born April 20, 1889,in Austria.
  • He was the fourth child out of six children.
  • He is a Austrian by birth.
  • Hitler's real name is Alois Schickelgrunber.
  • He changed his name to Adolf Hitler in 1876.
  • He was baptized as a catholic.
  • When he was eight he was apart of the church choir.
  • Hitler dropped out of school in 1905.
  • Hitler's father was born June 7 ,1837.
  • Hitler's father died when Hitler was thirteen only years old.
  • He died of a disease called Pleural Hemorrhage.
  • His father also was married three times.
  • His father didn't approve of his interest in fine arts.
  • Hitler's grandfather was a Jewish man.
  • Hitler's mother's name is klara Hitler.
  • She died of breast cancer.
  • When she died she was only forty-seven years old.
  • Hitler was eighteen years old when she died.
  • Hitler's mother let him pursue his dream of being an Artist.
  • Hitler applied to the fine arts school twice and got rejected both times.
  • Hitler briefly lived in a homeless shelter after his mother died.
  • Four of Hitlers siblings died before he was twenty-five years old.

  • Hitler began WWII on a quest to control Europe.
  • In August 1914 Hitler was accepted to serve as a German soilder.
  • 1916 in WWI in the Battle of Somme he was a front fighter against the British tanks.
  • In 1920 Hitler changed the German workers' party to National socialist German workers which was shorted to Nazi.
  • In 1921 Hitler became the Nazi party chairman.
  • January 1933 was when Hitler was appointed chancellor.
  • He was selected "Man of the year "by Time magazine in 1938.
  • Hitler was nominated a Nobel peace prize in 1939.
  • Hitler saw a chance in taking power when Germany had lack of confidence and in the great depression.
  • He attracted Germans who were desperate for a change during his ride to power.
  • When he was close to gaining his power he promised the Germans a better life.
  • The Nazi party rose rapidly when he was gaining power.
  • Hitler ran for President in 1932 but lost by only having 36.8 percent of the votes.
  • When the President died in 1934 it made a way for Hitler to take absolute power.
  • Hitler removed the President tittle completely when the President died.
  • When he was appointed chancellor the Germans thought they had found a savior.
  • Hitler blamed the Jews for losing WWI when he came to power.
  • He made a master race with fair skin,blond hair,and blue eyes.
  • The Nazi's took everything from the Jews including there homes and businesses.
  • Hitler had millions of Jews under his control.
  • He was the leader of a mass murder of about 6 million Jews.
  • The Nazi's tried to keep the death camps secret but some witnesses and reports got out.
  • He turned 50 on April 20,1939.
  • Hitler never visited a single concentration camp.
  • He ate up to 2 pounds of chocolate per a day.
  • Hitler never learned to drive.
  • For a while Hitler was a vegetarian.
  • He was arrested for for high treason and in jail for nine months.
  • He smoked 25 to 40 cigarettes a day.
  • For the last eleven years of his life he suffered from a mental disease called Parkinson's disease.
  • He was responsible 60 to 85 million deaths during WWII.
  • He is one of the most effective and powerful leaders of the twentieth century.
  • Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April 30,1945 in his Berlin bunker.
  • Hitler committed suicide because Soviet Union was invading Berlin.
  • When he died he left behind a legacy of evil and terror.

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