NEWSLETTER 24 May 2019

From the Principal...

Dear Parents, we aim to make Hills Adventist College a learning environment that lives up to our collective aspirations and which truly reflects our values.

We are now several weeks into Term 2. Over the coming weeks we will be reinforcing what is expected of students in terms of appropriate uniform, acceptable behaviour and appropriate respect and regard for their property and the property of others while on campus. Our expectations are that students wear their correct uniform reflecting their pride in themselves and the College, use appropriate language and interpersonal behaviour that shows respect toward others, bring the correct equipment to class, look after their books and laptop by securing their lockers, keeping the College grounds free of rubbish to make it a pleasant and healthy learning environment.

We recognise that almost all our students abide by these expectations. For the few who do not our gentle reminders will transition to consequences that are more onerous and inconvenient. We request that parents support our endeavours and avoid siding with students who want to challenge our efforts to have a positive learning environment, focused on enhancing student wellbeing and potential to learn.

- Dr Malcolm Coulson

College Announcements

Year 11 Information Night

See link below for more information about our upcoming Year 11 Information Night. This has been sent to all Year 10 - 2019 families. The Information Night will be held on Wednesday 12 June at 7:00pm.

School Photo Days

By now, you should have received Individual photo envelopes for our upcoming Photo Days. Please return these to the office or Homeroom Teachers by Monday 3 June. If you require sibling/family photos, please pick up an envelope at Reception on either campus.

Castle Hill Photo Day will be Tuesday 11 June and Kellyville Photo Day will be Friday 14 June. If you have children across both campuses, and wish to have a family photo taken, please note your Castle Hill child will be transported by bus to Kellyville campus on Friday 14 June to have their family photo taken. Please ensure they are dressed in full winter uniform that day. Family photos with same-campus families will be conducted on that campuses' main photo day, as stated above.

"Meet The Principal" Morning Tea

Do you have a friend, neighbour or colleague that is looking for the best choice for their child for Kindergarten in 2020? We have a special morning tea for families interested in enrolling in Kindergarten in 2020 and 2021 to come and meet with Dr Coulson; our Heads of Campus' and other staff. They will see the Kindy class in action, and take a tour around our College campuses. Please let them know about this special event and to contact the College ASAP to register. They can also book online at hills.adventist.edu.au. Places limited!

College News

Science Fair

The Science Fair has been a huge success this year. With a staggering 42 science projects, it feels like the Castle Hill library has been turned into a science laboratory. There has been a wide range of entries and it is amazing to see young minds thinking scientifically. Students have truly demonstrated a knowledge and understanding of science that is beyond their age. Thank you to all the parents who have encouraged and fostered a scientific process to discover information and well done to all the students who have devoted their time to enter. We plan to acknowledge those who have excelled in the Science Fair on June 18.

- Mr Marsden

National Simultaneous Storytime

Wednesday the 22nd was National Simultaneous Storytime and 'Alpacas with Maracas' was the book chosen for this year. The book follows a pair of Alpacas, Macca and Al, as they struggle to find their talent so they can enter a Talent Show. They demonstrate the importance of having a go and trying different things. There is a valuable lesson to be learnt at the end too.

The students enjoyed reading the book and discussing the different themes and characters. At Castle Hill students had "Alpaca" cupcakes (Thanks Mrs Wright!) and at Kellyville students made our own maraca's!

Science Fun!

Recently Mr Ku's year 10 students were learning how to construct a scatter plot graph in Mathematics. Students investigated the bounce height of a ball from various drop heights (photo A and B). The collected data from this experiment allowed students to learn how to make a scatter plot graph.

Year 9 Invictus Camp

Late last term, Year 9 experienced their first Invictus/Duke of Edinburgh camp. They spent three days hiking around the Thirlmere Lakes and Nattai National Parks. With all the recent rain we have had we were unsure what the weather would be like. Fortunately we couldn’t have asked for better weather and we only had a few light showers. A number of students were a bit apprehensive about the camp as it was their first time camping/hiking, however, by the end of the trip everyone was feeling positive. The students were able to experience the joy of having achieved something challenging and doing something that was perhaps a bit out of their comfort zone.

- Mr Paul

Sports News

Congratulations to our Junior Boys Basketball team who won the Hills Zone after school sports competition this week.

They played hard all semester and deserve the win. The great thing is they are all in Year 7 so they can play in this level again next year!

- Mrs Reid

Church Community Announcements

Teen Bible Study

FRIDAY 24 MAY (TONIGHT!!) Infused Teens Bible Study @theStudio - Kellyville Church (Hills Adventist College - Kellyville campus)

When: 7pm to 9pm

What: A teens-only (Years 7-12) bible study and discussion night hosted by Pr Aniele and Sam. Snacks provided.

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