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When I think of Mount Everest, I think of how dangerous it really would be to climb it. That's why I would not want to risk climbing Mount Everest. First off, there are avalanches so you could die from those because there is snow ice and rock in them, second, it just takes days and days to actually climb to the top and back down considering you would have to climb a few thousand feet, stop at a camp, then do it all over again. Also, there are so many ways to die up there like, running out of oxygen and suffocating to death, there is dying from an avalanche, and of course the one that could most likely happen is for you to make a wrong move and fall to your death. That is why I would not want to climb Mount Everest.

I think that globalization is making the world stronger because when someone gets a new item in a country, then others from other countries will want the item too!

In the text, it says “Globalization has benefits for both rich and poor countries. When companies in wealthy countries set up factories in poor countries, they create new jobs.” This means that if a country that is very wealthy make factories in poor countries, then it gives the unemployed an employment! Another example in the text says “Countries that trade with one another want to maintain good relations. As a result, conflict among nations may be reduced.” That means that if countries give other countries new items, then they might get an Alliance which will prevent war with the 2 or more countries!

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This person has a passport showing that he/she is a citizen

To be a good citizen, you must obey all laws or else you will have consequences, for example, you will have to deal with the authorities As a citizen, you have rights, which are things you can do, but you also have responsibilities. For example, you have home responsibilities like taking care of your pets and family members. Another thing you have to do to be a good citizen it pay your taxes. Or else again you will have consequences. An example of a right you have as a citizen is voting. So that is what it means to be a good citizen.

This is a government building

What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government? The difference between limited and unlimited is one has limited rights and another has unlimited rights. When you have limited rights, you can't do whatever you want and you can not change that. Fujimori had limited rules but forced the govt to let him have unlimited by using tanks and weapons. He broke The Rights Of The Minority. When you have unlimited rights, you can do whatever you want without anyone telling you that you can't. When voting is occurring, there aren't unlimited people who can vote, you had to had not committed a crime. The difference between limited and unlisted rights is that when you have limited rights, you have limits to what you can do. But when you have unlimited rights, you can do whatever you want.

This is a camel of which people who live in the desert get around on.

People adapt to living in a desert region by packing light, and by living near oasis. People adapt to living in a desert region by packing light. In the Sahara and Sahel, they move around a lot, so they don't pack much because they are,going to be on the move in quite a bit because they want to get to a place that is not in a drought. People adapt to living in a desert region by living near oasis. If people live near oasis, then they won't be in a place with a drought, which is good. Living near an oasis will also help them adapt because they will be near date palms which they can sell for a lot of money because date palms are the Sahara and Sahel cash crops. People adapt to living in a desert region by packing light, and living near oasis.

These countries are shaking hands because they are allies now

There are many different forces that work for and are against supranational cooperation like, economic forces, political forces, and cultural forces! One economic force is wealth. Wealth is an economic force because it is in the economic world, like some places in Europe, people do not have as much wealth as other places. One political force is voting. Voting is a political force because it is in the political world and it occurs in every country. One cultural force is language. Language is a cultural force because each country has its own language, but some countries speak the same language as others. Like Eastern Europe, next to that is a continent that speaks almost the same type of language, which is Asian. There are many forces that work for and are against supranational cooperation like, Wealth, Voting, and Language!

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