Aaron's Portriats By Jolene Gonzalez

1. F-Stop: f/5 ISO speed: 100 Exposure time: 1/100 sec.

2. In this Photo I wanted to do something different, instead of having him smile. I thought the picture would look better if he kept a straight face and looked right at the camera. F-stop: f/5 Exposure time: 1/250 sec. ISO speed: 200
3. in this photo Aaron and I went over by the science buildings i had taken a few other pictures similar to this one. I chose this particular one because its considered an off guard photo and I really liked this one. F-stop: f/5 exposure time: 1/125 sec ISO speed: 100
6. I took this photo over by the boys locker room, I wanted to get a kind of full body portrait. it is a tad bright and dull. F-stop: f/8 exposure time: 1/160 sec ISO speed: 800
5. i took this photo because I wanted to try a rule of thirds type of photo. although there is some shade on his face and his red ear bud is distracting I still consider this a great photo. F-stop: f /5.6 exposure time: 1/400 sec ISO speed: 100
4. I took this photo over by the media center. i wanted one in a different spot even though this has a bit of an overcast, and his ear buds can be a distraction . I liked how I took it by a plain wall and from the chest up. F-stop: f/6.3 Exposure time: 1/125 sec ISO speed: 100

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