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Dogs and Cats Veterinary Referral and Emergency is seeking experienced technicians to support our Emergency and Critical Care services full-time- daytime, evening, and overnight positions available immediately!
Responsibilities include:
  • Triage and treatment of critical and non-critical emergencies
  • Intensive care nursing and continuous monitoring of patients, including, but not limited to, vital signs, blood pressure, ECG, fluid ins and outs, intake and eliminations, peripheral and central intravenous catheter care, urinary catheter care, chest tube and tracheotomy care, and oxygen therapy monitoring
Required skills:
  • Ability to calculate doses and administer intravenous drugs and fluids
  • Ability to obtain and analyze laboratory samples, including blood, urine, and stool at a minimum
  • Catheter placement- peripheral intravenous catheters at minimum, experience with urinary and central venous catheters a plus!
  • Ability to provide compassionate care to patients and clients in a fast paced environment
  • Time management, initiative, and prioritization of tasks are a must!
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience as a veterinary technician- specialty or emergency experience preferred, but not required
  • Excellent nursing care and critical thinking skills
  • A flexible schedule, and willingness to work nights, weekends and holidays
  • Eagerness to learn and grow in their position
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently in a fast paced/high intensity atmosphere
If you think you are the right person for this role then get in touch with us today.