Transplant Collection CM Hospitality CARPETS

The Trans-Plant collection came to life as a result of the desire to bring nature into our living spaces, in a more literal suggestion of the natural world. Western Society is seeing a resurgence innatural eating, natural living and places a higher sense of emotional, spiritual communion with nature than ever before. While concrete guides us from here to there and our man made walls seem to close in tighter and tighter, nature provides us an emotional oasis. Recall trips out of the city as a child, remember watching the beauty of nature rush by, tempting us to roll the window down and experience it with more of our senses. Gaze upon succulent motifs and regenerate your natural desire to be with nature. Relax your eyes, as shadows of dark green take root, and emerge as tropical greens climbing higher and higher to energizing yellows and sweet berry red. Evoking the outside world to come inside, explore the benefits of restorative design, Trans-Plant your space and mind..

Created By
Ellys Green

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