Eat More Chicken! by Deveka Thompson


Now that I have your attention let me introduce to you my friend Craig , the cow.

Craig the cow

Craig, had some major work done to him! I had to alter his horns to make it curve the way I needed it to and also had some lip suction to the bottom of the stomach

Top 5 steps

* In order to make his horns the shape they were meant to be you need to make sure the image is in it's editable poly.

*From the editable poly, I then went to turn on the vertex and made sure the selection tool was active before going to Craig.

* Once Craig was active, I then group selected the section in the horns and played around with the shape of the horn to make it how I wanted it to be.

*Then aligning the shape of the horn to the shape of the ears to make the head seem more attached, then making it look compatible.

* To get the ears to be adjusted I used the rotation tool to make the ears face out more and then used the selection tool to make them longer and a little pointed.

Last 5 Steps

* In order to make the hump on the back of his neck, I had to stretch the fat by using the move tool. Then made it at least align to the rest of the back.

* I then used the tool to raise up his stomach to make him seem more thin and helped make a perimeter for his hump on the back of his neck.

* I then went to under his chin and started playing with how to abstract the lining of his neck and make his neck more flabby.

*The feet was probably one of the most trickiest things I've done. As the vertex is still active and the selection tool is still visible. I used the dots in a grouped to expand the make it seem like he has canckles.

* I then used the same tools and smoothed the underlining, to make it seem like he never had an utter.

Now Craig is happy with his new look, and is in a better place he can finally enjoy his life in style!

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