Porto February 2017

Across the Douro river from Nuovo Vella da Gaia.
Looking back across the Douro from Porto.
This huge, domed hall was being used for a book fair when we visited, but obviously also has at least basketball.
There were lots of empty places. This car park is underneath the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal.
A very colourful, lived-in city. Sites like this were common.
Another empty place. One of the main subway stations in the city centre - Sao Bento.
The same station. Not sure what was going on.
Contrasting with the modern station above, there's a lot of Porto that is very old.
And lots of building work throughout the city.
No trip to the city would be complete without visiting one of the port houses at Nuovo Vella da Gaia. We chose Taylor's because, well nothing more than I like it.
There was a huge room filled with maturing port in huge barrels. The smell was wonderful.
The stairwell from the apartment.
Most of the city has pavements like this.
Often incorporating patterns.
I love doorways in European countries - so much more visually appealing than those in the U.K.
Lots appeared to have seen better days but were still fully functional.
In a variety of colours.
Many of Porto's doors are tall & thin. I never did find out why.
The Casa da Música is a stunning modern building. The internal configurations can be moved around to give the best acoustics for the style of music being performed!
The Casa da Música is also much loved by skateboarders.
Quite a green city, there are a number of parks dotted around. Eucalyptus trees.
Serralves. Porto's main art gallery, set in wonderful gardens.
Britain has long had an involvement with Porto. The lion on top of this column has its claws in a fallen eagle, representing the power of Britain over the eagle of Napoleonic France.
Blue & white tiles feature throughout the city. From small sections in doorways....
... to large, intricate designs & pictures.
Some fill the sides of buildings!
The Torre dos Clérigios. A lot of steps to get to the top!
But the view over the city was worth it.
It was while we were here that we came across the only unpleasant people of our whole holiday - they were English! So rude to everyone.
But we didn't let that spoil what was a very enjoyable visit to a delightful city.

I didn't even take any photographs at the beach. Only a short easy bus or train ride away, it was a great place to go. There's always something special about a city with a beach.

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