Analysis Workspace New User Guide Learn how to analyze & action from data using Analysis Workspace!

Analysis Workspace is a flexible browser tool that allows you to quickly build analyses and share insights. If you only have a few minutes, watch this brief overview to see what is possible.

Analysis Workspace looks awesome. Where do I start?

Log into the Experience Cloud (experiencecloud.adobe.com), navigate to Adobe Analytics, then click the Workspace tab. Choose from a list of projects your colleagues have shared with you, or create your own. Our project launch modal will provide you with different options for starting your analysis, including project templates.

What are templates you ask?

Templates are a great way to start analyzing data without having to build any tables or visualizations. Standard templates were built by Adobe and cover some common business questions, such as 'what are my top campaigns?'. Custom templates were built by your organization to showcase the business questions and KPIs that matter to your business.

Want to build your own project?

If you choose to start your analysis from a new blank project rather than a template, the project will open with a freeform table added automatically. A freeform table is a blank canvas where you can begin dragging & dropping components in from the left rail.

Components are dimensions, metrics, segments, or date ranges, all of which can be combined in a table to start answering your business question. Be sure to familiarize yourself with each component type definition below before diving into your analysis.

Once you've mastered component terminology, drop-zone guides will lead the way as you drag & drop to build your analysis in a table. Blue guides indicate you are about to take a valid action that will result in data, while orange guides indicate when invalid data will result.

Visualizations, such as a bar or line chart, can then be added on top of the data. On the far left rail, select the middle icon (Visualizations) to see a full list of available vizs. Learn more

Two tips for building projects faster

On the far left rail, select the top icon (Panels) and then drag & drop a blank panel into the project. This blank panel highlights the different types of analyses you can build from in Workspace. Check the ‘default’ box on this panel so that you can always start your analysis this way!

A great way to build visualizations quickly is to copy & insert visualizations from existing templates or shared projects. Think of these like building blocks where you can pick and choose what to include in your project. Copy from one project and insert into another to quickly stand up a new analysis.

Still using a legacy Analytics tool?

If you are using Reports & Analytics and worried about making the jump to Analysis Workspace, try leveraging the ‘Try in Workspace’ button from your R&A report. We will do all the work for you & build your report automatically in Workspace.

Or, are you a seasoned user of Ad Hoc Analysis? Take a look at our dedicated site focused on how to make a smooth transition from Ad Hoc Analysis to Analysis Workspace: adobe.ly/discoverworkspace

Ready for more content?

Visit adobe.ly/aaresources for a full list of Adobe Analytics Spark pages & other helpful resources.

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