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Teacher since 2009, I'm currently working in Lebanon as a teacher, trainer and pedagogical expert for the International French Teaching Agency (AEFE). I'm teaching at the Lycée Franco-Libanais Nahr Ibrahim after 2 years in California (Lycée Français de San Francisco and International School of Los Angeles).

Once upon a time...

I have always been interested by that's called today "digital". I discovered coding in BASIC at middle school and 3D engeneering in high school. Later, at university, I created an online platform with other students to access our courses. Today, as a teacher, I'm convinced that digital tools have a lot of teaching and learning potential.


Since my certification as a PE teacher, ICT in education is one of my favorite topics. Today, the iPad is my main tool at work: video analysis, tournament management, interactive resources, assessment tools, multimedia player... and and students are at the center of these innovations !

Adapting the curriculum to the local context

PE and Health at the Lycée Franco-Libanais Nahr Ibrahim
Specific curriculum at the International School of Los Angeles
Profeciency-based PE at Lycée Français de San Francisco

Sneak peek

  • A flipped classroom in PE : for me, it's the perfect opportunity to make my courses accessible anywhere and anytime. It's also a means to increase the visibility of physical education with the parents and the educational community! An example for my 12th Grade in Lebanon.
  • An orienteering course for my non-French speaking students. This project, that I have presented for a specific certification to become a specialised teacher, is a way for my student to discover the school, its neighbourhood and to develop some orienteering skill. I encourage them to use their own digital device (BYOD), in particular their smartphone with a GPS app. Besides from this we have created an iBook together to help them to build lexical skills.

Since 2018, I'm a pedagogical expert and trainer for all of the 43 french speaking high school in Lebanon for the International French Teaching Agency (AEFE). My mission is to develop the french way of teaching PE all across Lebanon by training, supporting, meeting the 172 french speaking PE teachers in Lebanon.

I'm also certified as an Apple Education Trainer. So I'm an EdTech trainer, with or without iPad. I'm an Apple Distinguished Educator too, and I'm a member of an amazing community of innovative teachers who want to share their success.

Sneak peek

  • Training the french speaking PE teachers of North America.
  • Involvement in a digital training platform for the MLF, an important education network.
  • Organization of professional meetings about tech in education: "Apéro Educatech".
  • I'm a referent teacher for my colleagues who would like to use tech in their classroom: how to use the digital blackboard or a connected device in the classroom, how to lead a classroom council with slides, how to create an online quiz... I have also contributed to deploy the WiFi network in my previous school, from the conception to the technical steps.
  • I have conducted around twenty training courses for primary and secondary school teachers all around France for subjects including: group training (first steps with tablet, multimedia uses, pedagogical approach, courses construction), coaching, specific trainings by subjects, online course building.
  • Involvement in international events to exchange with teachers and scientists : Apple Distinguished Educators Institute in Amsterdam (uses of 3D printer at school, fablab, drones) in 2015, workshops of the French federation of innovative schools, study day oh the innovative pedagogy, workshop "For a digital PE" at the University of Rouen.
  • Education curation on social networks, both professional (ViaEduc, LinkedIn) and mainstream (Twitter, Facebook).
(Digital) happiness shared is (digital) happiness doubled.

Since 2011, with a colleague and friend, I manage a website called "Tablettes&Survêtements" to share our vision of a digital PE: assessment tools, pedagogical good practices, apps, teaching scenario, tutorials, iBooks...

Sneak peek

  • Publication of an eBook with David Cohen : "How to integrate digital tools in PE ?"
  • Publication of two iBooks for teachers to present uses of Numbers (iOS spreadsheets app) and Keynote (iOS slides app) in PE.
  • Participation in an action-research program organised by the inovative team of PE teachers of Créteil district: observatory of digital practices in PE.
  • Creation of an iTunes U course on how to efficiently use an iPad in PE: "Why an iPad in PE ?".
  • Publication of an article in the main professional PE teacher journal: Les tablettes tactiles en éducation physique : nouveaux usages, nouvelles pratiques (Revue EPS nº360, february 2014).
  • Publication of an article about serious game in PE : "Play to learn, learn to play: gamification in PE".

I’m convinced curiosity is a core quality among every teacher. That’s why I believe it is crucial to go off the beaten tracks of my own topic: innovative activities offered to my students and curiosity towards new teaching methods and practices abroad.

Sneak peek

  • I have always been eager to learn about other school systems. My periods of hands-on observation, in Finland, Denmark and Scotland were very rewarding, as evidenced by the publication of articles in the professional journal of French PE teacher, "La Revue EPS" and in a pedagogical journal: "Les Cahiers pédagogiques".
  • #déficoding (#codingchallenge), formarly #défidrone (#dronechallenge): I designed a workshop for my students to discover code with drones and robots. This workshop is included in a largest project: #déficoding is a french platform to share coding challenges. I presented the project at the 8st "Forum des enseignants innovants" hosted by "Le Café Pédagogique". The project was awarded the jury prize. Interested in the project l'"Agence nationale des usages des TICE (Réseau Canopé)" (National ICT agency) has filmed the workshop with my students. Finally, the project has been presented at "Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI)" (Interdisciplinary Research Centre) in January 2016. I'm also a member Parrot Educators Team, a group of innovative teachers who share some specific uses of drones at school.
  • Promoting pedagogical uses of social networks: Instagram as a diary of the classroom to support learning and success.
  • I work with some other education associations, like UCPA, for which I give some EdTech advice for summer and winter camps: video analysis with ski and snowboard instructors, creation of good pratices of social networks charter, digital storytelling workshop (#shoot&ride project).
  • I was also a PhD candidate. My research was in the digital practices of PE teachers and their influence on the work in the field.
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