Cody's Maker Lab APRIL 2017


Use the following links for a body outline template and learning how to make a paper chain cutout.

Project # 23: Jungle in a Bottle

"In this experiment you'll be making your very own jungle, which will live and grow without needing much help from you. You'll only ever have to water it once. Amazingly, your jungle will then keep itself watered by producing "rain," in much the same way as a real jungle full of thirsty trees does."
The materials listed above are enough to complete the project for you AND your brothers. This is A FAMILY PROJECT. In addition, you will also need a figurine for each person. See Nana for those supplies.
Step 5.1 - Add your chosen figurine somewhere visible in your jungle ecosystem. Then, continue on to Step 6.

How It Works

"Although no air or water can get in or out, any plants in the bottle will thrive. They are part of an ecosystem, in which all things in one area- including animals, plants, and even soil - work together for survival."

"In the natural world, during daytime, water constantly passes through plants in a process called transpiration. The water moves up from the roots and out through tiny holes in the leaves (as visible vapor). This turns into water droplets that form clouds. In your jungle, the vapor becomes droplets on the inside of the bottle. The water drops onto the soil, like rain,and the Cole begins again."


Created with images by Comfreak - "light bulb current light" • toubibe - "x ray image x ray thorax" • Victoria Reay - "Rainforest" • pellaea - "Interior Rainforest" • morganiseit - "Terreriums" • Muffet - "water bottle"

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