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I started in September 2016 to bring non-profit organizations tools and advice for building and growing their branded online member communities. Since then, I've had the pleasure of speaking to groups at ASAE and Higher Logic conferences, co-contributing to and #CMAD webinars, and producing a number of blog posts (though never enough) for the site. It has been a crazy year, but I've cherished every moment making connections with my fellow community and association professionals.

As a thank you, I wanted to share with you some of this year's best advice and content from and more. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

Community manager tool kit: Small tactics for big change

To encourage and build engagement in online communities, sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

Recruitment Create community advertisements in your publications. Engagement Book a Reddit-style “AMA” with a rockstar in your industry. Retention Recognize the work of your most active members with thank you notes.

The future of online communities: Knowledge pills, VR networking and community-powered AI bots this point, you’re probably thinking, I’ve heard of VR events and the pill thing sounds way too weird, so this last one is probably in your Goldilocks zone. It’s not quite here yet, but if you’ve used Alexa or Siri, you can probably envision this–a community-powered AI concierge or instructor. Maybe this exists out there–and if it does, please tell me about it–but in the next few years, I expect we will see online community providers releasing AI concierge services as part of their package of features.

Community manager toolkit: Metrics for tracking growth and engagement

...your metrics only look at one aspect of your community. More important than numbers, you need to understand and tell the story of your community, which requires a deeper knowledge of your members–a true relationship. This means taking the time to listen to your their needs, reading their emails and taking their calls. Don't let tracking metrics get in the way of taking the time to really get to know who your community is.

CMAD 2017: All good things in moderation

In January 2017, I co-presented with Lindsay Starke at Higher Logic and Marghet Hager at Dynamic Communities about the issue of moderation in online communities. Whether it's as benign as content marketing or as severe as hate speech, eventually community managers will have to discuss problematic content with a community member, and it pays to be prepared.

Watch the webinar to hear from us about the best ways to approach the issue of moderation without losing any limbs.

Addressing online violence: What’s the role of the community manager?

While we may not be part of the problem, we take part every day in what has become a social vehicle for violence in addition to a vehicle for good. As we venture into new technological territory, we must help to build the ethical and moral guidebook around online behavior, especially as we educate and serve the generations who will inherit the online world we help build. As community managers, we must ask ourselves what we can do to ensure that communities online and offline respond proactively to violent situations and address the effects of online violence on real lives.

Omni-channel marketing: Where does online community fit?

While your organization may not have shifted to an omni-channel approach [yet], as a community manager, you’ll be well-served to know how your online community can inform and fit within an omni-channel communication and marketing strategy.

Launching an online community or discussion forum: First you need a plan

Before you launch an online community or discussion forum for your organization, you need a strategy. Sure, you’ve already got web and social media strategies in place, your webpages get millions of hits, and you trend on Twitter every other week. But traditional web strategies often don’t take into account the nuances of building an online community.

ASAE and Features

In case you didn't know, I'm a big fan of ASAE and its work to advance the association industry and the professionals that make it great. I'm also a big fan of, a Canada-based online community for association professionals. Here are links to some ASAE and features of yours truly.


Thank you!

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