Police Brutality The Investigation of Police Brutality


Police Academy- Training for future police officers, train from head to toe about how to be good at policing.

Brutality- The act of someone physically abusing or assaulting another

Racial Disparity- The size of a racial or ethnic group is bigger than the general population.

Black Lives Matter Movement- Movement created to support Black people in the trend of police brutality

Reduction- Shrinking or making something smaller in this case lowering number of conflicts.

Encourage- give support or hope to something or someone

Who causes most of this conflict to occur, can citizens do anything to help?

People who claim to be victims of police brutality claim that that it was 100% the officers fault, but the victim probably could have done something to make the officer feel at ease or better about what is happening. First of all, an article published by CNN says that “That smile would have put that cop at ease. That smile could have saved his life, if only he was willing to paint it on his face for a few seconds. But, no, he wanted to be hard and disrespectful instead” (CNN 9). The article is stating that the person that was being encountered by the police could have reacted more polite and respectful towards that officers which would probably put him at ease and could have saved that person's life if they were killed. They state that something as easy as a smile could have helped the cop feel like there is no reason to worry for a threat. Similar to the first piece of evidence, Andrew Walter states that “If police departments were to make attempts to increase sensitivity and participate in training designed to reduce violence, and if groups of citizens continue to encourage their local police departments to reduce violence, police brutality can be reduced”. Citizens are all about trying to reduce and get rid of the police brutality but aren’t doing much other than protesting. This article is stating that if citizens were to encourage and interact with their police departments not only will it make the police officers feel better but it will also make the citizens feel more comfortable and safe. These two pieces of evidence can relate because they both involve ways that citizens can help police officers feel more comfortable and could possibly reduce and get rid of the police brutality that is occurring. Overall, I believe that both Police Departments and citizens can help solve this major conflict and people in general need to quit racially profiling people.

Are Police Officers racially targeting people?

Many sides have been taken on this conflict and people so know the facts before they blame. First of all, an article published by Hive stated that “a number of officers—including supervisors—were found to have posted blatantly bigoted comments on social media”. This piece of evidence clearly shows that some officers are racially targeting people and activist groups. A lot of people are now starting to take action upon this conflict which is helping and hurting the issue. While many people believe this entire trend revolves around racial disparity, Jacqueline Howard states that, “according to the new findings, once an actual stop or arrest occurs, that racial disparity disappears, and blacks face no greater risk of injury or death”. This article states that depending on the reason why the police are involved that racial disparity is gone and it does not increase the chance of something racially profiling or harassment to occur. These two pieces of evidence connect because they both involve race and how race does or does not have to do with the subject of police brutality. Overall, I do not think that racial disparity plays a major role in this conflict, I believe it relates more towards the police officer itself, and police officers should get more training so they do not have to rely on lethal force.

Should police train more and better in situations in which they do not need to use lethal force?

Police officers go through police academy before becoming an officer but many civilians question whether the training they get is enough for their job. First of all, a statement in an article published by Kia Makarechi stated that, “Investigators found that police officers do not use proven crisis intervention techniques and that supervisors do not provide sufficient direction to the department's”. Police officers need to do more crime prevention training because of lot of the conflicts that occur from this trend could have been easily prevented. Officers seem to get nervous and not know what to do, so some react with a rather brutal response whiles others not so much. Second of all, an article by Andrew Walter states that “Police academy should conduct better training on weaponry and car chases, new officers should learn about violence reduction, dealing with difficult citizens, and race relations”. Police academy does go in depth on policing and how to handle citizens but it all comes down to real life encounters when there is no time to think. Police officers should have regular training sessions throughout their policing career about race relations and how to deal with tough citizens because we can solve this conflict. These two pieces of evidence relate because they both involve crime prevention and how to deal with tough citizens which is really a big part of the overall conflict. Overall, Police training needs to be done regularly and in depth of how to deal with the toughest citizens because that's what most of these cases involve and citizens are starting to become upset and are starting organizations and groups rallying for the citizens and injuries and deaths that occur need to stop.

Are the injuries sustained mostly committed by the officer or the detainee and can they be reduced at all?

First of all, in an article published by Jacqueline Howard she states that, “New analysis revealed that about 55,400 people were killed or treated in a hospital for injuries suffered during legal stop-and-search procedures in 2012, with about 1,063 suffering fatal injuries. During that time, about 67,000 officers were assaulted while on the job, with an estimated 18,600 receiving medical treatment for injury, and 48 were killed”. People are saying that cops are the ones that are attacking and brutality arresting people a little to aggressively but research shows many officers are also being assaulted with a chunk of them seeking medical treatment. Either way violence is definitely not going to solve this conflict. Next, Andrew Walter states that “Police academy should conduct better training on weaponry and car chases, new officers should learn about violence reduction, dealing with difficult citizens, and race relations”. Police officers could reduce the amount of injuries that occur for the citizen and police officers if they learn and train more about violence reduction and how to deal with difficult citizens so that they do not have to use physical force. Overall, violence never solves issues completely and nobody wants to be hurt so the Police officers should endure in regular training sessions people are getting fed up so that sparked the idea of Black Lives Matter organization and movement.

Is the Black Lives Matter movement doing any good to the situation or is it making it worse?

Since the topic of police brutality spread across America, the Black Lives Matter movement started and many people are for this movement but about just the same amount is against it because they feel it is selfish. Many said the movement has helped the situation but people also say it has made the situation worse. First of all, University Wire states that, “Even though social media has reacted and responded to police brutality nothing yet has changed and these incidents are still occurring” (University Wire 3). The public has started to express their concern of recent police-citizen encounters that have gone bad and have started a movement called Black Live Matter which rallies in support of Black people and how their life matter too. The protests have gone good and bad but the biggest part is that so far it has only made the situation worse because people are starting to get so called “revenge” on police officers and are ambushing them which is making this whole trend extremely worse and is acting against their movement. Next, in article by Andrew Walter he states that “The crimes have caused many to reconsider culture of police officers in the United States and started the Black Lives Matter movement which has had many different impacts”. People are starting to treat every officer as if they were a “bad” police officer which is really impacting the culture in America and every day that goes by, the more and more America is being separated because people are taking sides and are not willing to back down and unite as one. These two pieces of evidence relate because they both talk about how taking sides and starting these movements could and have ended in bad blood which is not going to help the situation. Overall, we the people need to unite and support everyone and not just one certain race but teamwork makes the dreamwork and if we unite as one, trust will be built and that is the main bridge that is collapsed

Quote: "We are not anti-police... we are anti police brutality" -Protestors of police brutality

This quote proves that most people do not hate all the police, they just do not approve of the brutal conflicts that occur to citizens.

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