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Does reading the material help students learn more or are they just wasting their time on reading information?

Study for Quiz without reading textbook, just notes.

For this quiz, I only read the notes I took in class in my notebook and looked over the homework I had done retaining to the quiz material. The homework involved a few worksheets and a handful of problems that were assigned in class. Once I had felt like I understood the material from the notes, I redid most of the practice problems until I felt like I knew how to do them without looking at the notes for help.I had put in about a little over an hour or so worth of time into studying for the quiz. Once I had finished the quiz, I felt pretty confident and did not regret the amount of time I put into my studying.

Afterwards, I got a B average on my quiz, which I was content with but wish I had done better on. This result will probably influence me to look over the concepts more next time and maybe look up questions online that are on the same topic.

Study for Quiz by reading book and notes.

For this next quiz, I had allowed myself to review both the notes I had written for class and the book material. I first read all of the chapters and sections referring to the material on the quiz. While reading, I made sure to take notes on whatever I believed was important info that could possibly be on the quiz. After that, I reviewed the notes I took and see what I remembered from what I had written down. Once I had done that, I started to look at my notes in class and the homework assigned to me. I practiced doing those notes again to make sure I could do it on my own. I obviously spent more time studying this way then if I had just studied the notes, at least 3 hours. While taking the quiz, I found myself just as confident in my answers as before.

Afterwards, I had gotten an A average on the quiz, which is an obvious improvement from the previous quiz. This result will influence me to keep doing this kind of practice even if it is more time consuming.

In conclusion, even though it is more time consuming and burdensome to read both your class notes and book material, it pays better in the end to be more prepared. I recommend reading the book material and class notes before taking a test or quiz. Reading and taking notes on the book material reinforces what you know and can only help you, not hurt you.


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