Only Human we all are connected . . .

Said Mr. Emerson to Miss Honeychurch, “Wouldn’t it be good to express your feelings to another living soul, rather than giving your piano the benefit of them?” EM Forster (A Room with a View)

At one point or another, I'd guess most of us have felt a bit like Miss Honeychurch in Forster's classic novel and found it difficult to express true feelings to other 'living souls.' Yet, what we feel within human experiences is something we all have in common and is what connects us to one another, despite our superficial differences.

These cards are about expressing those feelings to other "living souls." They use color, images, and words to evoke an emotion and to swing open the door of communication. And, because they're about feelings, one card can be used for several different 'events' in life. So, put away Miss Honeychurch's piano -- and begin connecting with other living souls!

cards for: birth, adoption, new parents

children's calendar

cards to communicate: cheer, hope, congratulations, good luck, & friendship

cards for: loss & solace

home, welcome home, new home

journal cover

love, friendship, anniversary, engagement, & marriage

for mothers, fathers, & siblings


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Created By
Amy Neil


All images are derived from photos I've taken, from photos of people I've known, or are from copyright-free images.

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