Fred and Bill's Insane Trip

Hi my name is Fred. I've lived in this river for 2,199 years I want to move to the ocean but it is way to much too move.

"Hi Fred,"shouted a voice across the river.

"Hi Bill," I shouted back. "I can't wait to move to the ocean." I say under my breath.

"What," asked my neighbor to the left of me. "Oh nothing." I yelled back. "It's becoming night now," I shouted.

I woke I saw a bunch of sharks "ah," I had screeched! "At least I'm not here with Bill,"

"Hi Fred," shouted Bill. "Evaporate me now god," I wispered. "We both accumulated I see," Bill said "how long will we be here for,exclaimed "Aproximitly from the depth 3,600 years," Bill calmly shouted"I'm going to try to sleep that long if you don't mind," I fakely yawned. "Oh kay," Bill whispered.

"Ah I am in the air," I screamed. "Yep Fred we are evaporating," Bill shouted "Your still with me Bill," I asked " Yah why," Bill asked "Just checking," I told him "How long until we precipitate," I asked "About 3,600 years again, " Bill calmly yelled "What now," I asked but then got shoved away " ah,"I screamed. "Move it pipsqeak." A big bulky raindrop demanded. "No!" I told him. "You think that you can diffy me and my name is bulk and if you try that agin you will precipitate faster than supposed to." Bulk horrifyingly stated "ok." Scaredly replied Bill. "No !", I stated. "What Fred?" Bill asked. "What?", asked bulk. "No!" I stated again . "Ok you asked for it." Bulk yelled. "Thank you Bulk.", I stated. "What?", asked Bulk. "Thank you I repeated. "Then no.", bulk replied "No!" I yelled

We are precipitating right now. "Hi Fred.", Bill shouted coming abnormally close until ploop "we are both now combined yay no!" We both shouted " I thinck we share thoughts now until we hit ground." The Bill side of me exclaimed. "No ,help me god if you are real separate us please." "In coming!" Yelled a foice above us. When we looked up guess who was coming down Bulk wich seems a little bit bigger like us. "Oh no move. " We both shouted but we couldn't so we all collided. There were more voices now so me, Bill, and Bulk were together with a bunch of other water drops but that means we fall faster and while we are falling others came and condensed even to gether and are falling faster and faster until plop onto the ground

"Ah back on the ground." Shouted one of the other drops another stated, "Yes." When we landed I had taken most of the damage because all of the water droplets went into my body they made it dirt free while I have a lot of dirt in me I'll get even dirty when I get soaked up into the infiltrate. "When I do I will be happy because I won't probably be away from Bill bu t I will be away from the other annoying drops and Bulk they are the most annoying and that is awesome." I whispered. "What?" Bill asked. "Oh nothing I told him. "But how long are we going to be here about 1,600 years. "Come on." I yelled "so what do we do?" Asked Bill. "You know I don't know." I replied.

"What's that massive orange thing?" Bill wondered. "It's a carrot." I replied. "Cool can I touch it? Bill asked. "Yes but if you want to be eaten." I replied . "Then no." Bill stated. "Good." I smerked. "Where to next?" I asked. "I don't know." Bill replied. "Wow!" I shockingly replied. Thump thump thump. "What is that?" Asked Bill. "That is the farmer." I proudly stated. "Ah will it hurt us?" Bill frightfully asked. "No." I replied. "What that big pink thing coming this way?" Bill wondered. "That is a worm." I told him before it gulpted us down. "So that means we were in the groundwater." Stated Bill.

"Um its dark and tight in hear." Bill stated. "Bill I know you are clasderphobice but we have to wait." I said. " Ok." Bill calmly said. "We have about four days in here ok." I stated. "Ok." Bill said. "But hey we can explore the worm." I told him. "Yay we can." Bill more confidently told me.

"Look we made it to a glacier lets explore." I stated. "Yes we shall." Bill agreed when we looked around it was so cold it felt good out. We spoke to some frozen drops and they were cool litterly but I feel bad for one he jest became frozen then he sublimated so we didn't want that to happen to us. Then we slipped into a frozen lake.

"Brrrrrr." Stated Bill with his teeth chattering. "It's cold I Know." I explained to him. "But it is freezing cold but we can get through it." I stated. "Yes it is but I thinck we are going to freeze out here." "We haven't though!" Exclaimed a voice. "Ah!" Me and Bill screamed. "But we were literally pee." I stated." Yes we were." Stated Bill." You do want to stay warm right." Exclaimed the drop." Yes." I told them." Then stay moving." Stated the drop. "Let's do it!" I yelled.

Slurp!" Ah the plant is drinking us up." Bill screamed." Try to go back down." We both screamed." This is just like that one ride at river land!" Screamed Bill." Yes it is." I yelled. "If you are water prepare for the ride of your life." Shouted an alarm. "Uh oh!" Yelled Bill. "Why do you say uh oh." I asked. "You will see." Screamed Bill. Up ,down, up, spiral, and out the leaves and then transpiring.

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