Portfolio Harut Ketsoyan


In this photoshop project we used paint brushes and filters to create an oil paint effect to online photos. We learned the skill hard and soft brushes and their effects.

In this photoshop project we used a gradient overlay to act as a filters. We added shadows and changed the background the change the time of the day.

This photo was a part of a photo restoration project where we take scanned pictures of old photos and clean up wrinkles, watermarks, creases, and burns.

This photo demonstrates how we edit and transform pictures to change the color and size of objects.

This was our final Photoshop project. We created a surreal piece of work inspired by modern and past surrealist such as Salvador Dali, Man Ray, and Ai Weiwei. My project symbolizes how I'm torn between future and past ideals.

We used different layers with different paintbrushes to color in a black and white comic book cover. We learned to overlap colors and use the burn and dodge tool to add shine or shadow on characters to show depth.


This was our final illustrator project of the semester. It is a cartoon of our choosing that we traced from an online image using the pen tool.

We learned to imitate brand designs and put our own spin on them. Illustrator is a great tool for icon and brand art design

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